Adjusting Mindset

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Adjusting Mindset

As I inch ever closer to that 1 year date I've found myself reflecting a lot about what has been going on in my life since I the mirror shattered.

When a person realizes that for x amount of time they have been living a lie it is not surprising for several upheavals to happen. Of course how we as individuals react can vary greatly; and the processes we utilize to overcome adversity may not be the same there is one thing everyone here has in common. That common ground is "mindset."

I firmly believe that being able to adjust your mindset is one of the most powerful tools in recovery. You must WANT to pull through the depression and doubt but you must also be willing to WORK. Mindset helps us stay the course despite any bumps in the road: Hoovering, triggers, doubt, etc.

Train your brain to work for you in your recovery. Control it, don't let it control you with memories and doubts. You are here on this forum, reading this post, you are moving in the right direction. Set your mind to the task at hand, fight through the sadness, doubt, and anger.

Adjust your mindset, change your life.

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Good reminder GSO that we
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