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Al anon

Today I attended my very first al anon meeting, in the hopes of understanding what my son is going through and how I might help him. What a surprise! It wasn't what I expected at all.

These people all spoke only about themselves, and working the program.

I connected with every single person who spoke. Weird thing is they didn't speak about their kids. Each one spoke about their own lives, their fears of moving forward, their CD, Their divorce.

Do you think many N can be alcoholic or have other addictions? Can these people really be recovering from the influence of an N?

Is "working" the steps" something that can help people in our unique situation?

At least one person mentioned the word narcissist.

I'm just curious because its so very difficult to take my first steps toward confidence and self respect. And the steps here are great. I'm building up strength to write out my story..

But to explore in a structured way who I am and how I got here... Has anyone found al anon useful?

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For those with addicts in their lives
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Al-Anon Yes!!
Done sourcing
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Al-anon, and the twelve steps
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1000% useful!
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Yes, absolutely. Alanon is a
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