Coming Soon: The Six Steps to Surviving a Toxic Relationship

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Lisa E. Scott
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Coming Soon: The Six Steps to Surviving a Toxic Relationship

Ok, I've been on lock-down for the last several weekends and would like to celebrate the fact that the recovery book is almost done!

I had hoped to release this book by the end of December. However, I was able to get a whole week off from work at the end of this month and would like to use the time to round out the book and get it just the way I want it before I submit it to my e-publisher on 1/3/11.

Once I submit it to Network Media, it's just a matter of weeks until the e-book will be available for download on our new site.

As you know, the recovery book consists of 6 Steps to Surviving a Toxic Relationship. The website here at will remain the forum to discuss the first three steps:

1 - Understand It
2 - No Contact
3 - Get It Out

The new website at will become the forum to discuss the remaining steps:

4 - Wake Up
5 - Get Real
6 - Heal

Both forums will be equally important depending on what stage of recovery you are in. Members should feel free to share, post and get advice from both forums. No one will be limited to participating in just one forum. However, we do imagine the newcomers will spend more time relating to one another on this forum while the veterans will spend more time relating to one another on the new forum. We hope veterans will continue to come to this board to offer advice to newcomers because helping others is a big part of the healing process and we need everyone's involvement to build real awareness.

I'm really looking forward to finally bringing you a book with actionable steps to help you move on and re-create your life. I know it has taken me over a year to research and develop and I appreciate your patience. You have all been my inspiration in writing this book. I hope you know that without your support, this book would never have been written.

I know I don't post on this site as often as I'd like, but please know I'm always looking and reading. Every time I do so, it inspires me that much more to keep working on the book. Thank you for motivating me every day.

I truly believe that together we can help each other recover and move on from these toxic relationships. This website has always been the first phase of my recovery program....

To Understand It, Go No Contact and Get It Out

With the new book and website, we finally bring you the second phase of our recovery program:

Get Real, Wake Up and Heal!!!

Thanks again for your patience and support. We can't wait to start working the full recovery program with you in the new year ahead!

Lots of Love,

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Lisa...this is very
Lisa...this is very exciting, indeed! I so wish you were around when I went through a really abusive relationship...emotional that turned physical, years ago. I recently ended a narcissistic relationship, but that It took me over a year to first escape from that first narc, and then heal. What you are doing is life saving. Really. It's a blessing to have stumbled into this site. Or maybe God pointed me here. Either way--I'm here, and forever grateful. ~D
Lisa E. Scott
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I'm so glad you found us! I'm sorry for what you have been through, but happy you are now among people who can relate and "get it." We get it and you are never alone. Thanks for your sweet message. :) Blessings, Lisa
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This is very exciting. We'll have a forum that is structured along those steps to actively focus on them while working them. And some other places where I can plaster you all with pictures of my animals :D
michele115 (not verified)
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I am so looking forward to the launching of the new site. There is absolutely no need to "apologize" you really do not know how important this board has been to my recovery. I don't believe, know, can understand or explain how quickly I have overcome. There is still work to do, but I am not that depleted empty shell that I was 15 or so weeks back. Seriously, this experience was devastating - not just because I had my heart broken - but had no idea how many traumas I had suppressed - that is why I was so totally devastated. That SOB triggered them ALL and they came back full force and in effect. You would not believe the difference in the girl who came here a few months back and who I am today. I have a ton more work to do...but I was not exaggerating, or being dramatic when I said, I was ready to check into the psych ward. The pain - my God unimiaginable...and yea, he triggered it - but he did not create the 43 years of suppression... I can't articulate clearly enough...but I am getting there. I have to take a moment to truly commend you for what you have done for all of us - by creating this board. I am skeptical of guru's...and in this Narcissistic society, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. You deserve to make a profit from your book - work, effort, information are all commodities worthy of compensation; however, the fact that yes, you are an author who obviously and understandibly expects compensation for their book - what I admire and appreciate the most is your allowing others the freedom to really "get it out" even when that means suggesting someone else's book, article, etc. I have browsed other sites - however, I have been a member here because this is a community, a family - and what has developed here, could only have developed as a result of the "leadership" who sets the tone. It is so apparant that EGO is not running this board, but people who truly do have empathy, compassion and understanding and who provide much needed support. I wrote a letter to Oprah a few months back when I first joined about you, your site and what you are doing...because even in the middle of my insanity, this board was keeping me somewhat sane, and I felt this place was worthy of such recognition, more than some of the other things she's touched her golden wand to...I want to cry because I am so emotional just thinking about where I was and all of you were with me...and it's so strange cause we've never seen eachother or been face to face and I marvel at how you could feel such a bond with people you don't know and it is amazing, and moving, and validating that no, all of humanity is not dammed despite what we see and hear on tv. Unfortunately, Oprah never responded:( The truth is - I could have gone to therapy - and the jack rabbits here in my city would have called me depressed, gave me a pill and sent me walking - and I never would have realized or understood what has held me back and tortured me all of these years...I don't know if you really get Lisa how monumental that is... That you provided a safe haven for so many... In a world that for the most part - doesn't get it...just look at the APA... Lisa, thank you so very much. I wish Oprah would have responded, you deserve the recognition and so much more for what you have done for all of us by providing this place here. I remember when I used to be in management - one of many goshdarned careers I identified more with the phrase: "The best leaders do not create more followers but more leaders" that was what I tried to live by... I think here - and especially in your position as a leader...that rings true but more that: The strongest of survivors do not create more victims (by exploiting) but more survivors. God bless you Ms. Scott and a heartfelt and sincere Thank You... I hope and pray your new book makes Oprah's list;)
Lisa E. Scott
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Wow, to say I am touched by your message would be an understatement. I am profoundly moved by it. You have no idea how much it means to me. Thank you, Michele! I love this: "I have been a member here because this is a community, a family." and this: "It is so apparant that EGO is not running this board, but people who truly do have empathy, compassion and understanding and who provide much needed support." This says a lot about everyone here. There is no ego involved in the people who try to help each other here. It's pure compassion and understanding. That's why I keep doing what I do. Because of all of you. You truly inspire me every day to continue working on building awareness and finding a solution to help people move on. The community of support we have here never ceases to amaze me. The bond we have is unbreakable. I really do believe the 6 Steps will finally give us the tools we need to move on! It takes time and effort, but we can absolutely help each other get "unstuck" and move on. You are smart to be wary of gurus who claim to cure you overnight or in a few quick sessions. This is simply not possible. The bottom line is that we were brainwashed. Deprogramming from these people takes persistence, time and commitment. We have to retrain our brain. Retraining our brain is a learning process that takes time and practice. It is a proven fact that any type of learning requires practice. Thank you for all your support, Michele. I really can't tell you how much it means to me. That was so nice of you to write a letter to Oprah too. :) I'm so glad you are here helping others with your wisdom. You have made amazing progress and should be very proud! xoxo Thank you again, Michele and God Bless you too!