Leaving immature messages on answering machine!!!

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#1 Feb 21 - 12AM
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Leaving immature messages on answering machine!!!

When my ex N used to leave messages on my answering machine at home he would put on a different accent or just be plain immature. Did anyone else experience this?? What's that all about???

Feb 21 - 6AM
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Yes they are children trapped in adult bodies

This is one of the reasons that some find them endearing. Their lack of impulse control, and child like ways. Often what is cute, spontaneous, and charming in the beginning becomes annoying, childish, and "screwed up" as time goes on and the show ALL of their true colors. All the N's I have known do this. The different voices, long winded messages, with songs, and texts. God bless, Goldie Welcome to the forum!