A must see for newbies

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A must see for newbies


I've posted this before,calling all newbies.


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Another Must See for Newbies...I Love
this video. It's the best thing I've seen (thanks to someone on this blog) in terms of clarifying the impact of narcissist/psychopath abuse/manipulation on all of society and putting it in persepective. www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1619633/pg1
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Sam just described my exN to
Sam just described my exN to a T! It can be unbelievable while early in recovery that they are really so 'machine like' until time and distance allows our vision of them to clear enough to see just how truly disordered they are! Take heart survivors! It isn't about you, the ow, the om or anything we didn't do or think we did 'wrong'. There was never a chance to have a happy relationship with the narc - no matter how 'perfect' we were, they always need to devalue whatever they've idealized!! Thanks for sharing Hunter!

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I have watched all of these
I have watched all of these clips. Thanks for posting again. They really do help!