My blue eyed Narc..

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#1 Dec 29 - 4AM
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My blue eyed Narc..

I'll try keep this as short as possible:)
I moved to France 3 years ago because of the crisis that's going on in South Africa.
I'm a beautician, and a major animal lover.
I started rescuing cats in the ones that would be loved..and kept the unwanted ones.I was with a nice guy for 7 years, but for me it was almost a brotherly I ended it and moved to France with my 11 cats:)

7 months ago I decided to try online dating...there really are no nice men in my village...and all the nice ones are taken.
I thought unlike other profiles I read...I would be open and truthful in mine.
I suffer from Crohn's disease, I have 11 cats...I also have a mild form of vocal tics sound like hiccups.I gave men the option ..........

POF was my bad choice....after 30 minutes looking through
profiles...I saw him! I mean there were hundreds of better looking ones...but this was the one that looked right at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and friendly face!
I sent him a message and 2 weeks later we met.

There was instant chemistry...I fell for his shyness, his looks,his charm, his smile....and his love for swimming...I'm a real water baby!

3 weeks into the relationship the REd Flags appeared..which I ignored.
He sulked if I didn't reply fast enough to emails or sm's.
I was never allowed to talk about my exes.
He wanted me to get rid of my cats....yeah right..I think I got 1 week silent treatment for refusing.
He bought me a few nice dresses...when I wore them and guys looked at me he got angry.
He said I should never look other men, especially into their eyes because that would just be an invitation..dumb F.
The list goes on and sounds totally harmless.

Dec 29 - 5AM
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Then it gets worse