Narcissists Who Date Each Other?

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#1 Jan 25 - 7AM
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Narcissists Who Date Each Other?

What happens when two narcissists get together in a relationship?

Jan 25 - 10AM
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She was his clone

My maternal grandparents were both Ns. Even Sam Vaknin has said that Narcs end up together. The ex-Psych professor's girlfriend (eventually his wife&mother of his kids) was his clone. She dressed like him. She had a crew cut, like him. She wore quirky glasses, like him. The fact that she was more masculine compared to me was a big deal... such as the fact she wore a tank top to the graduation picnic. I don't know if they're still together. THey tied the knot a decade ago (when she was in her third trimester) Since I didn't stick around in New Mexico, I don't know if they lasted or not. The ex-P was always paranoid about a woman trapping him in marriage by getting pregnant.
Jan 25 - 8AM
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Narcissistic couples

In the case of my dad and stepmom, it actually went pretty well for awhile. They both had big personalities but were so enamoured with each other that they were willing to share the spotlight. My dad doted on her, always complimenting her, pouring the sugar on, he treated her like a queen (from what I could see). They made it for ten years. She was pretty cool (I'd thought), seemed crazy about my dad too, but turns out she was nailing the guy she was carpooling with for the last 3 years of their marriage. One day she came down to breakfast and told him it was over, that she'd found a lover better suited to her & a new religion too. It ended pretty badly. My dad obsessed over it for years. His 3rd wife is not an N, she's passive and quiet, self-confident but definitely way too tolerant of him.
Jan 25 - 7AM
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Mandy M

funny you should mention that one! My EXNARCS 3rd wife was very much like him, all about her, spotlight on her, rather phony and never really felt comfortable with her, {we were friends for a while after Narc broke up with me.} I almost felt like she was using me to show off. anyway they were married for 8 years, lived together for 6 months and apart the rest of the time, very volatile marriage, lots of fights and makeup sex.I could tell it was a nightmare and after the divorce was all over he hated her so much, he would have killed her if he could have gotten away with it. Did everything he could to get the kids away from her but she got full custody of them in the end.To make a long story short, it does not work and is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 25 - 9AM (Reply to #2)
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Mirror to the Nth degree

Yeah, I would think that when the dual idealization phase starts giving way to manipulation and self-satisfying, things would get pretty weird and way off balance. Probably 2 people silently suspicious of each other, always trying to check each other with control, yo-yo energy, making each other insane by reflecting each other's insecurities while attempting to own each other's strengths. Eeeee!!