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Mar 1 - 12AM (Reply to #10)
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Soooo Ridiculous!!

I am glad I found out who he truly is. Its hilarious actually that they run away like we are the plague... I feel bad for their new supply, but i am just so thankful to be out. I still have those moments where I miss the "pretend guy" but than i realize how sick he is and that he was a gift from the devil. So glad to be out of his life. So do you try and stay away when you know he will be around the places you go? I hope everyone including his friends find out who he really is. Do you think they will ever catch on to who the really are?
Feb 14 - 11PM
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I completely understand

I completely understand where you are coming from. I heard the same wonderful shit for the first 8-9 months (even though he was still legally married- my mistake). The abuse became gradual and the last month or two when I broke up with him he kept saying, "How could you possibly see us working out? that's why it can never work out." Then I said to him, "No! I'm the one who is emotionally and legally available. You led me on and everything is all about you." Of course he didn't then and probably even now still doesn't see it the same way I do. But there was a time when I was 95% sure I was pregnant. I tried to tell him and he said, "Well I don't believe in abortion so if you are we'll just give it up for adoption." OUCH! I lied and told him it was negative, but I had a miscarriage a month or so later (at least I'm guessing it was because I'm definitely not with a child now and it was about 4 to 5 months of no period and then a heavy one). I guess no one will be able to understand their weirdly-wired brain. I know how confused you are feeling...but in your case it's not like he had another family that you knew about. In my case he swore up and down that the marriage was over and that his wife understood his dating others and that they were living in separate bedrooms, but in the same house for the kids. From day one I always told him how it wasn't helping the kids at all! Talk about showing his, he hates it when people tell him he's screwing up his kids more than he is helping them. Poor kids.
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PS- The whole time I was

PS- The whole time I was with him I felt like he only saw me and no one else. Now, the thought paralyzes me to think he could have been with other women the whole 2 years we were romantically together/3 years of knowing each other. Here I was thinking I was so special and rare. The night we broke up, he was taking me home from our anniversary dinner and he said, "Well I have to say I'm proud of myself for never having sex with anyone else while I was with that person" (hence being committed to me and only me). I said, "You're married, you cheated on your wife this whole time and you've cheated on her in the past." Then he denied it because they haven't had sex in over 13 years. Lol! Okay...even if that's true, the dumbfuck is still married to her and living under the same roof! WTF???? Oh yeah, a friend of his told me a few years ago that he said to my ex, "you seem to get the ladies pretty easily" and my ex replied, "What are you talking about? I don't cheat on my wife."......but then this same crazy man tells some people he's/has been "divorced and she's not living in (insert city) anymore." Wow, he had me so brainwashed. I was 23 and he was 51 when I met him. What a piece of work. I hope he gets prostate cancer. And yes, the more and more I read stuff on this board, the more I realize that all of these narcissists are the same entity- and they're not humane at all. I had a terrible setback last night because I'm bombarded again with the truth from reading this board. But thankfully I didn't slit my wrists again. I fought with myself last night and I made it. I went to my family's house for Valentine's Day today.
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Go Get 'Em Tiger! (PiscesJNJ)

Yes, PiscesJNJ, your Narc's story sounds all too familiar. I have heard this EXACT LINE about the man being separated from his wife and sleeping in separate rooms but under same roof for the kids. Its a popular line used to get p*ssy. Bottom line, whether or not they are LEGIT or they just want p*ssy - either way it means the man is never-the-less not fully available and they don't deserve to be in any kind of relationship during this 'under the same roof' arrangement because they are not fully emotionally available. And of course, remember a Narcissist is never emotionally available anyway, no matter the living situation, even if he were single and living in the Taj Mahal. But the WONDERFUL NEWS is that you are in your 20's and far wiser than I was in my 20's or 30's - so the world is your oyster, and you are no longer a dumb dumb like I was at your age. All the best to you and go get 'em tiger! You have your whole life ahead of you and the dumb bastard way behind you. Dont worry at his age he will have erectile dysfunction (limp dick) in the next few years anyway and no longer able to ruin women's lives as he does now.
Feb 15 - 2PM (Reply to #4)
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ForeverLearning is right

Mine is 66 and believe you me,oral,cannot sustain a fulfilling sex life on its own,not even for a woman my age!LOl-why do you think cougars are coming out of the wood work now...
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My Ex is43 and almost got a hearth attack after5 minutes having sex with me ....he is Afro American but his face was red after that,no air at all and everything went vaery fast because Mr LOver Lover couldnt keep an erection,due to years of POrn Addiction and masturbating ! And he tells me i was worst then a Porn Star and that i was too much for him...i am 53 years old ....