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How Trauma and PTSD affects The Brain and the Central Nervous System
by Goldie on Jul 29 - 8PM
All About Him Forum
Another great quote
by tiredofthisaddiction on Jul 23 - 9PM
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It's never too late to gain your Independence....
by Goldie on Jul 9 - 9AM
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narcs goodbye letter to EmpatheticMale
by Empatheticmale on Jul 6 - 4AM
Goodbye Letter
by Goldie on Jun 18 - 10AM
All About Him Forum
by Oneswoop on Jun 15 - 11AM
Goodbye Letter
It's All About Her Book is Now Available
by Lisa E. Scott on Apr 26 - 12PM
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Good Riddance and Thank You!
by tiredofthisaddiction on Apr 21 - 8AM
Goodbye Letter
What a beautiful email in my box
by Goldie on Mar 28 - 10AM
The Path Forward Forum
"Being proactive rather than reactive means to control a situation rather than let it control you." ~ Unknown ~
by Janie53 on Mar 18 - 9PM
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Adidios Mi Vida..
by Ophelia Standin... on Feb 26 - 9AM
Goodbye Letter
My story kokosiru
by kokosiru on Dec 22 - 3PM
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narc family
by mickey555 on Dec 22 - 12PM
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The Denial System of the Codependent with the Narcissist
by Goldie on Dec 19 - 10PM
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Goodbye from your Fannie Fatass
by ipodrunner on Dec 16 - 2PM
Goodbye Letter
My Story 2manyofthem
by 2manyofthem on Dec 14 - 2PM
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Reality list for me- to not miss N
by N2muchpain on Dec 13 - 6AM
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What do they feel when we go No Contact, the abuse cycle, Silent Treatment
by Goldie on Dec 11 - 10PM
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The Empathetic Male with the Narcissistic Female
by Goldie on Dec 4 - 8AM
All About Him Forum
Good bye J
by layla2727 on Nov 28 - 1PM
Goodbye Letter