waiting for him to call me

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waiting for him to call me

why am i waiting for him to call me or text me? whne am i going t stop thinkinh of him?

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While you wait, he is
While you wait, he is laughing at you. Silence is abuse. REMEMBER THAT! Laugh back and go do soothing fun to distract yourself. Im telling you, please sty NC or it will never get better. Hunter
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What is your history with
What is your history with him? How long together, how many times has he left, etc....
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been together for 5 years,
been together for 5 years, marriade for 2, he has cheated on me many times and i cought him, got in trouble with his work for that too, didn't stop him, he told me he wanted to grow old with someone who doesn't argue as much as i do, i guess i ve become this argueing emotional ball that couldnt control herself, he locked his phone from me and said that's what he likes to do..he had a lot of secrets in my marriage, i don't know if i did a good thing but i kicked him out a few weeks ago and that's it, he calls when he wants, on his terms, i guess he already has someone special in his life, don't know why it bothers me but it does. he has cheated on his previous wife too and now i think i was a rebound..
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Unfortunately, because that's exactly what he wants you to do. When you realize it is all part of his manipulative plan it might irritate you more than make you miss him. Try your best not to fall for it or you will be on the receiving end of more of the same. Good Luck, Ruby
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You are a newbie, from the sounds of it, it will take a while ,be patient and read up all you can on NPD, stay here and also keep yourself busy doing things you like to do. I am over 2 years out and still struggle from time to time but then again I have no support system where I am and that doesn't help at all.time is what it really takes and therapy if need be as well.