Working and Coping with the N: Road to Recovery

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Working and Coping with the N: Road to Recovery

The last time I posted my story of working and coping with ExN and his NGF (OW) at work a month ago. After being D&Ded, insulted and nasty rumors spread against me, I was struggling to put up a brave front with my other workmates, work with both the N and OW, and maintain NC at the same time (I do not talk to the N unless its about work). Its been a long road but everyday I focused on improving myself and my work. As resigning is not an option as this is my dream job. I have to put up working and seeing them together everyday, and even heard them say that they are getting married soon. I though it was impossible but I have been NC for 6 months now,and it really does get better especially with the support from members of this forum. There are days when I am ok ( although I try not to show it in the office), othertimes I just feel sad, hurt, lonely or that I am going crazy. Thanks to my family and friends who patiently support me every step of the way, and this people in this forum who went through the same thing, slowly I am on my way to being healed. Just wanted to update you guys on my recovery as both ExN and NGF suddenly resigned from work a few weeks ago. It was an unexpected blessing as I was preparing to deal with the situation for along time. Sometimes no matter how bad the situation, fate steps in and gives you something better. For those still struggling, it does get better as long as you work the steps and continue focusing on yourself. Love and take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.

Jul 12 - 9AM
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Wahooooo Hunter

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So happy for you!