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"I’ve stayed on the path thanks to Lisa. She really gets it, her intentions are pure, and she has helped give me the strength which has made me a more confident person. I highly recommend connecting with Lisa and reading her books"
- John
"Lisa brings herself, her generosity of being, and her indomitable spirit to “ride shotgun” as she coaches us to reach for aid, trust our instincts, and to live fully and consciously. She inspired me to write my own story. My life has been altered."
- Becky
"I don’t even want to think about where I would be, what I would be doing, or how I would be feeling if it were not for Lisa's counsel. If you want to invest in yourself, be thankful someone like Lisa exists."
- Max
"I am forever grateful to Lisa for her beautiful spirit and the tireless help she provided me. She is completely devoted to her mission of helping others.”
- Lorie
"Lisa was a consistent force that I leaned on like a crutch throughout the entire journey. At times my heart didn’t want to walk away. Lisa understood it."
- Alex
"It was hard for me to seek out a professional to talk about my narc with, but I knew I had to connect with someone. Lisa listened intently and built inside me the confidence to walk away from a toxic situation that was eating me up. Not to say I couldn’t do it myself, but Lisa gave me that boost that I needed."
- Tony