#BetsyDevos #NormalizingNarcissism #NarcissismEpidemic

I know I said I'm not turning my page into a political platform, but I will make this one exception because I believe public education is an important issue for us all. My mom spent her career in public education (teaching and as a Principal) and if she had not e-mailed me about Betsy Devos, I would not know why she is trending in the news today........below is why:

If you're wondering why Betsy Devos is trending in the news, she is Trump's pick for Secretary of Education. She wants to defund public education, yet has never been to public school and never sent her kids to public school. She does not have an education degree, nor has she ever taught school, but she supports for-profit education. She has absolutely no experience for this position, yet is a billionaire who donated $9.5 million to Trump's campaign. Oh and she believes guns in schools may be necessary to protect students from grizzly bears. No joke:

#betsydevos #normalizingnarcissism #narcissismepidemic

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