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Jul 23 - 12AM
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My ex N's weirdness

I've posted about these before in passing... His hair phobia. He hated the fact that my hair would shed and he'd make the biggest scenes over it. Ican't help it! My hair is down to my ass... it tends to break and fall out now and again. I had wanted to cut it before we were even dating and he insisted I leave it. Anyhow... He stated if he ever found one of my hairs in food I cooked, he would never eat another thing that I made as long as he lived. I used to have to clean the shower out and use a lint brush on his couch before I left his place. And this one time he found a hair in his scrambled eggs, I hadn't even been there for several days. He was pissed. He went on about how I need to wear a hairnet when I'm at his place... in front of co-workers. Another time he found one of my hairs on his toothbrush and I wasn't even in his bathroom the last time I was there... He made a scene over it at work in the lounge and I said well the cat must have picked it up and brought it in there since he climbs on the counter to get to the window. He agreed but never said sorry for the outburst or humiliating me. Aaaaaand the fur coat. This shit will NEVER leave my mind as long as I live. One time I had brought a corset, stockings, heels etc over because he said he liked those things... ya know, to see if this would help him to relax and actually cum without his hand for once (shocking that an N has a mental issue with his wang right?). Anyhow he asked if he could trust me with something, I said of course. So he goes into the basement and brings out an ankle length silver fox fur coat and asks me to wear it while I'm on top riding him. No problem. I'm not overly shy and I'll try anything once... maybe twice. ;) At any rate I really did feel that he was actually connecting with me that time. He still couldn't get off unless he did it with his hand... For fuck sake WHY did I have to ask... but I was curious... Why DO you have a fur coat? He said it was his mom's... she had been dead for 4 years. What the fuck????
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What a sick fuck!!
Jul 27 - 4AM (Reply to #83)
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That is just wrong

Oh my word his mother's fur coat? Sick sick sick. Mine would withold sex and then when other people family or friends were around he would cry, in front of me and the other people and our kids about how he doesn't get any sex and say how hard is it for a woman to just sit on top of a man and move up and down? Sorry for the crudeness but I mean what the fcuk? He would send me pictures or videos of him with his hand helping himself out and then when I would get home from work (he didn't work at all, ever!) he would ignore me flat.
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I could cope with the coat if

I could cope with the coat if it was strictly a fetish thing and he bought it for such purposes. As I've said before mine had delayed(retarded) ejaculation which is another mental issue *SURPRISE!* And could only get off with his hand. Let me tell you... when you are with someone in such a fucked up relationship that you can't talk about such issues, it destroys your self esteem. I can't get him off... but he can with his hand. /sigh I have to wonder if ALL narcissists have some sort of sexual dysfunction and/or bizarre fetishes. Crying over you not giving it to him in front of friends and family? Wow I honestly would have walked out the door the first time he pulled that bullshit and never came back. I can take a little poking.. a little bit of sting from a joke intended to embarrass me but to be blatantly humiliated like that... unreal.
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I must say I think they are

I must say I think they are all sexually dysfunctional from what I have experienced and read on here it is pretty obvious. I hear ya your self esteem goes down to zero and surprise surprise they don't give a shit.
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no - sexually normal, mentally totally dysfunctional

My ex N is a great lover when he feels like it...nothing else is good except his cooking.
Jul 24 - 9AM (Reply to #74)
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Thanks so much for that post, I don't know if your intent, but I just laughed out loud. As if there is nothing wrong with wearing the dead moms fur? Holy shit!
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It was meant to be funny

Oh there isn't anything wrong with wearing a dead mom's coat... if you're a fucked up N. Honestly when I asked him why he had the coat... it was like any other normal conversation. Oh it was my mom's, she used to wear it when she went out to play bridge with the girls. I was stunned for a while over that one... and I don't even understand why I blew it off. What I'm completely confused by is.... is his fetish the fur coat or the fact that it was his mom's? At any rate after me wearing the coat for him... it was lights out when we had sex and we only had sex twice after that. His choices... so did I turn into mom at that point and he couldn't have sex with me? Ugh I'm just baffled by these crazy assholes. All I CAN do now is look back and laugh at the foolishness.
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I'm actually crying I'm

I'm actually crying I'm laughing so hard :) If nothing else, these men leave us with a fantastic sense of sarcasm...
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gave me his mommy's sweater that he kept when she died and he once said,' my mother would have liked you' strange interactions between him and his mother i will stake my last buck on that one!
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Isn't it f ing hilarious to sit and think of all the weird ass crap? I'm still not free, 100%. But as the fog clears and I read posts, I have to laugh? There is something delightfully maccob about a Fuck tard who wraps you in his mommy's fur coat? It marries all the the common themes in fun loving narc, mommy issues, weird sexual issues. Yadda yadda
Jul 24 - 11AM (Reply to #77)
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I'm far from free myself. I

I'm far from free myself. I miss him some days. Today is one of those days. But yes, laughing does help. That coat is worth several thousand dollars... he could sell it and pay off all the debt that has been bothering him so much lately. It's not like he can wear the thing... I'm sure no one else is crazy enough to wear it for him like I did... Why does he keep it? I chalk it up to weird mommy issues, damaged sexuality and far too much self love...and I imagine him sitting there alone, cuddling the coat while he wanks.
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I'm not free ... I need a safe exit plan. One will become evidednt if I keep reading, it has too! Remembered underwear, mine used to buy me panties with the emblem of his sports car (old) on them? Wanna f me while wearing sand underwear, once he asked where my panties were, as I had not worn in a while, I mentioned something about them being damaged in the wash .... He opens a drawer filled full of sorts car panties in various sizes... Um? Yeah, why did I not question a drawer full of undies? Like I said on another post, the guy got more ass than a toilet seat... All of em out there with sports car panties....yet nothing registers Eeeew,!
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Well I have to say that would

Well I have to say that would just make me walk out the door. Wear panties that someone else possibly wore before NO FUCKING WAY! There's a reason you can't return underwear once you buy them unless they defective. Jesus these guys just keep shocking me.
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I did not think of said panties being used... Was thinking more along the lines of him passing the. Out to various conquests .... Now the used visual has entered my mind I feel the need to soak in a tub of bleach.
Jul 22 - 10PM
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wierd things

My ex always told me he was highly allergic to bananas,from when i first met him. Infact, one night he claimed that he felt sick and he said it was probably because he accidently touched a banana peel that was hanging out of a trash can when he through something away. So then on Thanksgiving when him and i were sitting at the table with my family,there were 2 different juices on the table.I had read ingrediance on both to make sure they didnt have banana in them. Well one of them did,and thats the one he reached for when we sat down to eat. I stopped his hand and said "Dont drink that one.It has banana puree in it." He poured it into his cup anyway and drank it right infront of me.He said "Thankyou for your concern.You look as worried as i SHOULD be. But i will probably be fine cause banana is not the first ingrediant....its probabaly one of the last." He drank it and he was fine. It was the 3rd ingrediant to be exact.I checked,but he didnt bother. he supposedly gets sick from touching a banana peel,but can drink banana puree? He was just fine after he drank it too.
Jul 9 - 1AM
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I had to add this in! When we first met, he would go on and on about his sexual abilities, how women near and far lusted after him and how no one could top his amazing abilities with his tongue! But here is a comment he shared that is so typical of him...he was sharing a story of how he had to tell his former girlfriend after she refused to give him oral sex..."okay, if you don't want to go down on me, you can clip my toenails and wash my feet." HE WAS DEAD SERIOUS!!!! WTF? He is a disgusting freak!!!
Jul 6 - 10PM
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This is the weirdest thing

This is the weirdest thing that stands out. He would often finger me, but rarely wanted much back in return. Wed spent the day together and he had pleasured me a couple times, and it was time for him to take me home so he could do some study. I obviously wanted to stay longer cos i only got to see him once a week, and i wanted to pleasure him, but he said no, he wanted me to go home. I was very tired and cuddly cos id just..yep. anyway! just as im getting up off the couch, waking myself up, fixing my hair he unzips his pants and gets his penis out "just to say hello" and he didnt want me to do anything to it??? WTFFFF Oh and he used to be OBSESSED with tanning. he would put himself through excruciating pain just to be brown. Then he got me into it. and me being extra pasty white became a tomato and I had to get my brother to take me to the store to buy aloe vera. But N continued with his tanning. hed sit in his yard naked until his parents came home. Im embarrassed that i dated him omg.
Jul 6 - 9AM
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The Simpsons

The ex-Psych prof watched this show&TOOK IT LITERALLY. He was once enamored of a "Treehouse of Horror" episode in which space aliens impersonated Bob Dole&Bill Clinton... and he took the "abortions for most everyone, little American flags for everyone else" literally. IMHO, it was Matt Groening parodying political rhetoric. The ex-P liked the episode in which Homer is force fed doughnuts. Every class was centered on the latest "Simpsons" episode. In some ways, "The Simpsons" has a cruel sense of humor like the ex-P did, Homer frequently grabs Bart by the throat, there was a recent episode in which Bart says "We're the Simpsons. We don't do good behavior." Matt Groening intended "The Simpsons" to be PARODY. He takes pot shots at pop culture... it's not something to be taken literally. Considering how much the ex-P HATED music, it's nice to know FOX has that show about a high school glee club, covering popular songs. You know, the one that has had Gwyneth Paltrow&Britney Spears do guest spots.
Jul 5 - 3PM
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Bull Sh*t

Told a story about how, on his first ever parachute jump, his pulse actually slowed right down - so he was dead calm. Got to the highest point in the plane and thought ' bugger this I'm going to jump out the plane, without the instructor say so, with the instructor on my back' a) this defies all the laws of biology. You're adreneline would be firing through your veins and your heart rate up. b) As if you'd dare jump out before the instructor say so on your first ever parachute jump! Full of these bull shit lies to make themselves look good. Could spot them a mile off.
Jul 5 - 11AM
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Fox News obsession

Had to watch it constantly. Bill O'reilly. I hate the media. I swim it it at work. I need quiet after my day. He would engage me constantly on issues, GOP candidates etc. I asked my friend what the "anti-matter" to fox was and he said MSNBC and I suggested it once to N to see the other side for a "balanced view" and he threw the biggest temper tantrum ever. Wah wah wah...I won't watch anything at all here. I don't want to watch TV at all anymore...Forget it. He said he had to watch Fox every am in case a "Meteor was hurtling towards the earth." Are you fucking kidding me??? My friend says the only things Fox is gonna say about that meteor is that the Meteor is late on its taxes! Ironically, a meteor did have a close call a week after he said that, which further pissed me off.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.' --Mary Anne Radmache

Jul 5 - 12PM (Reply to #67)
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Another FOX fan

The ex-Psych prof was a BIG fan of FOX... he was proud that he was NOT a "Massachusetts liberal." This was before Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, in the mid-90s. FOX was a conservative station looong before Keith Olbermann&Rachel Maddow were at MSNBC. The ex-P's father liked mocking Berkeley liberals;so did the ex-P. The ex-P was *ECSTATIC* when Clinton signed DOMA, banning gay marriage. I can only wonder how he reacted when Massachusetts legalized gay marriage ;) The ex-P watched FOX religiously, as well as "The Simpsons." He liked spending class time discussing the latest "Simpsons" episode.
Jul 4 - 6AM
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My exnarc

was coming to visit me at my house, meanwhile I had a neighbor and his little 6 year old daughter over to my place, the neighbor was changing the toilet seat out for me upstairs in the bathroom, near the bedroom, as the old toilet seat broke. Anyway the man and his daughter start coming down the stairs, while I am opening the garage door for the Narc, the narc comes in, takes one look at the man, gets in his car and takes off, while I and the other man are in total disbelief, he must have thought I was upstairs screwing the man, with his daughter there, RIGHT.. what an sick idiot!!!!
Jul 5 - 11AM (Reply to #65)
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Oh wow

what a coward! He didn't even want to take the time to see what the true situation was! He thought that was the competition! hilarious
Jul 4 - 3AM
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Weird things

my Narc did the strangest things. It's so refreshing (in a way) to read some of your posts because I really thought that NO ONE else could possibly know what this craziness is like. My Narc would get jealous of my 4 year old son when I would read him a bedtime story, he would burst in the room and say "Come On, what's taking you so long?" I'm like "I'm reading my son a book!". He would become angry and not talk the rest of the night and claim that I always ignore him. One day, he followed me to work and sat on my car ALL day long. 9am -5pm in order for me not to break up with him. Earlier that morning, I told him that I needed to talk to him....(forgot what it was about but I wasn't getting ready to break up) and he went the distance to not be dumped. He constantly tells me that I am not as good as other woman and that she is SO great. But when we are on better terms, he says that she is the worst person in the world. I really don't know if she's the GREAT person or the AWFUL person. Total waste of time.
Jul 3 - 12PM
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Ok, now I need to write in

Ok, now I need to write in here because I'm fighting the urge to contact him to continue an argument we had last night and I need to maintain NC. - We were out to dinner once and I got up to use the restroom. I came back to find my purse missing. I started panicking and he claimed to not have a clue how it went missing right before his eyes. I spent the next 20 minutes causing a stir in the restaurant, asking people around me, speaking to the bartender about it, running around the room, outside looking for something- anything that would tip me off. It wasn't until I called the police to file a report that he pulled the purse out- he HID it to "teach me a lesson" about leaving my purse unattended. But it wasn't unattended, it was with him! The whole thing was so creepy and bizarre, I should've known right then and there this guy was a special kind of sicko. - He doesn't refer to his girlfriends by their name while he's actually in a relationship with them. He calls them "that girl", or "the one I'm hanging out with" or "my latest one". After they've broken up and it's in the distant past, he refers to them by their first names. Pretty peculiar. - He has no problem ignoring me- my emails, my texts, my calls, etc for weeks on end... but the minute I delete him from Facebook (it has happened many times lol), that's when he starts responding and being attentive. For some reason, that's the only way he'll pay any sort of attention and the only thing that gets him out of the silent treatment. - He takes my words and phrases and uses them as his own. Not like I can "own" a word, but if I use a word phrase out of the ordinary, within hours he'll be using that same word or phrase in his own sentences. I know some mirroring is normal and healthy between people, but this was so sudden and obvious that it struck me as odd.
Jul 5 - 9AM (Reply to #61)
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You said... - "He has no problem ignoring me- my emails, my texts, my calls, etc for weeks on end... but the minute I delete him from Facebook (it has happened many times lol), that's when he starts responding and being attentive. For some reason, that's the only way he'll pay any sort of attention and the only thing that gets him out of the silent treatment." - "He takes my words and phrases and uses them as his own. Not like I can "own" a word, but if I use a word phrase out of the ordinary, within hours he'll be using that same word or phrase in his own sentences. I know some mirroring is normal and healthy between people, but this was so sudden and obvious that it struck me as odd." ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ BOTH of these statements hit me in the gut! The N in my life, went from corresponding, in one way or another, many times every single day, to being unresponsive for a month at a time! This, he blamed on having no concept of time! What BS! Life is too short to wait that long, for word from another party! He would also use my own, unique, vocabulary as his own. No one else has ever done that, to the extent that he did. Both of these things in your Narc, were dead on, similar to mine! Spooky!
Jul 5 - 11AM (Reply to #62)
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Mine too. Couldn't reply to emails, texts or phone calls. Had two phones. Owned his own business. Was EXTREMELY hard to get a hold of. I was known as "sweet girl" Not Donna.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.' --Mary Anne Radmache

Jul 2 - 11PM
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Gosh, this thread is

Gosh, this thread is strangely comforting! He's done all of this and more. I think my main issue with the narc was his weird, cryptic messages. I guess on here it would be called "narc speak". Just random phrases that sound good in a way... yet terrible... and yet I have NO clue what he means and not sure he does either. It's all just jibberish. And then I spend hours on end trying to figure out what he just said.
Jul 3 - 2PM (Reply to #59)
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Yeah, my XNP would say things

Yeah, my XNP would say things that could be interpreted in a million different ways and it was never clear which was intended. It turns out the intention was simply to confuse me.