Can the moon affect human behavior?

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Can the moon affect human behavior?

I hope this doesn't scare Blueeyes any more than she is already :( Please stay safe!

Some food for thought as to our emotions over the last few days perhaps?

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Well, I cried with
Well, I cried with frustration, loneliness and rage this morning, first time in ages, and the full moon was last night, so I'm gonna say yes. We are over 70% water. If the moon is responsible for the movement of the tides, how much more it must affect us.
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I know when it is a full mooon, without even looking..We get all the coo coo patients, where I work.. (sigh, still love them) when it is a full moon... It NEVER fails...
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the moon
Well I just know, that I feel awfull since some days, and obviously the ones of you, who are longer on that board watched how the emotions go up here every time the moon is full. I can only tell, these last days and today, were horrible for me, it is like loosing control again over my emotions.
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Either we post a calendar that features all our menstrual cycles (imabloke, you can make one up if you like) or we at least post a notice several days before the full moon. Seriously, I've been watching this for three or four months on the board and like clockwork right before the full moon things go hinky one way or another. Who said shark week lol perfect!
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Yep here we are in November
Yep here we are in November with the full moon coming.
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WITHOUT A DOUBT IT DOES!!! People have laughed at me when I've asked is it a full moon. and then I find a calender and sure enough it is! those same people say HOLY SHIT! and i just smile and say I told you so!!!!
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I think so
My periods don't always line up with a full moon, but when they DO, I have the worst PMS. Paranoia, everyone is out to get me, I am hypersensitive to sound and ready to lash out. Otherwise I get a little bit of irritability, but that's it. It's always been this way. Blueeyes, you are a nurse. I've noticed an "atmosphere" in the entire hospital during a full moon. Something or other is more extreme than usual. More admissions, the patients are much sicker, the families are more emotional and demanding, the computers go offline, the pharmacy forgets to send the meds, dietary delivers the wrong trays . . . we'll be having a "full moon" night on my unit, and talking to other nurses or the RN Supervisor, they say "the same thing all over the hospital . . "
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the full moon and my emotions/pms/pmdd
ABSOLUTELY! My cycle is on direct course with the moon- a full moon actually tortures me and everyone around me...I am SO reactionary to a full moon.... Could it be the fact that we are mostly water, the moon affects the tides as well, and that we are all subject to its gravitational pull? It is the stuff of folklore....but there is something to it, I believe...
Lisa E. Scott
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I never realized this before, but it was recently pointed out to me. The word "lunatic" comes from the belief that lunacy fluctuated with the phases of the moon. Luna means moon. A person got a "tic" as a result of the full moon. Luna-tic I think this is so interesting. Maybe everyone realized this was the derivation of the word before, but I never put that together until now. It's interesting to hear everyone's perspecitve on it as well. I've never given it much thought until now, but now I'm obsessed! :) I think there's a lot of validity to the point. I mean, we are 70% water and if the moon affects the tides, then it must affect us. Also, the testimony from the nurses who have actually seen mental patients get worse due to the full moon is very telling. The guy I'm seeing grew up in the city near a mental institution and he swears that the full moon made the patients get loopy. He said that patients would often be found wandering the streets or acting out during a full moon. I'm really fascinated by this now and think it's a great idea to put the moon calendar on our website. I'll talk to Chad about it! :)