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When XHN and OW were building the intensity of their relationship I, the untrusting wife, would ask if they were involved. XHN would accuse me of causing drama. My questions were meant to stir up drama. I lived for drama.

Of course I became derailed. Of course I questioned my sanity in what I was seeing. Of course I wondered if I was causing drama.

One morning he came home at 5:00am. He had been out riding horses and then went to a restaurant to talk. When he pulled down his jeans I noticed he had no underwear on. I thought that strange. Seems pretty strange to ride a horse and let your package flop around. So I mentioned it. Of course I was causing drama. I had to see something that wasn't there and make a big deal out of it. Actually all I asked was "you rode a horse with no draws on?" That was drama.

I learned that his use of the word drama was a cover up for being right on target with my assessment.

I have been N-free for nine weeks. I have also been drama free.

Nice to have my sanity back!

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His drama remark? That's

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Sanity and no drama....

Oct 14 - 1PM
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Nice to read of your

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Not Worth It