Goodbye HC for good this time!

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Goodbye HC for good this time!

Thank You for showing me how you TRULY are! You are the ULITMATE MANIPULATOR!!! You have the audacity to accused me of some crazy ass shit that I have no idea what the fuck you are even talking about. You will stoop at any level to make yourself look like the victim in this!!!!! I see you for the first time who you TRULY are. The sad part is , that I pity you. I pity the karma that is coming your way. You are a fool!!!! A fool indeed! You tried to destroy me, destroy my life.....when you didnt complete it the last came back for the kill. But THANK GOD, there is a GOD on my side and showed me who you truly are. Asshole get a new phone and a new number, I dont give a fuck. You are so fucked up in the head that you want to convince yourself that I downloaded something to your phone, WOW! MF I looked at your phone a total of three times and saw what I needed to see. I sent that disgusting picture to myself because I knew you would lie and deny EVERYTHING once I confronted you on it. I knew this was over before we went on vacation. I saw the pic and all of the other disgusting texts before we left to go on vacation. I was sick to my stomach!!!! SO sick that I actually continued to go on vacation with the DEVIL. But I loved you so much at that time, I was grasping on to any hope that this vacation may turn things around for us. I knew it was already over!!!! So when we got back and you showed your true colors again...I sent you the pic and admitted to looking at your phone because I knew you would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER admitt the truth and place ALL the blame on me , llike you always do. Because you are a MANIPULATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO if it sooths your mind to think that I downloaded some software to your phone, which is the most ridicoulus thing I have heard in my life....go right ahead . If this is the sick story you want to share with your people to make yourself feel good about all of the bullshit you have done to me ...go right ahead. God knows the truth. And the truth ALWAYS comes to light!!!!! You remember those words right there!!!!! The truth ALWAYS comes to light......and the truth about how FUCKED UP you are will come to light to many!!!

That letter you read at your house was the RAW REAL truth about how I feel about you. I tried to take my words back because I felt sorry for you....and actually believed that you were hurting too. You dont hurt...all you know is how to hurt people!!! I wish the day I never met you!!!
Here are those same words to you again, the real truth of how I reallly really really feel about you:

"THESE ARE TRULY MY LAST WORDS. I layed in bed all night and have come to realize that no matter what I say or do now or moving forward does not matter. I played over a thousand times in my head if I would have handled things different with you , would it have made a difference...the answer to that is NO. I realized that you never checked in to this relatiionship. You only came back to mirror the qualities of the man that you knew i wanted. You did everything in your power to try to show and convince me and my family that you had changed. You are a great actor!!!
But thats what a Narcissist does! Once you got me hooked and my heart again...the mask started slowly, slowly coming off. Liittle by little you started revealing who you really are. You had to pretend to be something you never was in order to lure me back in. Once you knew you had my heart again, you begin your sick tactics of mental and emotional abuse to try to train me to conform to your sick values of a relationship " FEED ME, FUCK ME, and SHUT THE FUCK UP" Whenever I would question you and become susupicious of the things you were doing , you felt the need to punish me with RAGE and FEAR...the only emotion that you are truly capable of feeling!!! Your goal was to silence me, to make me to turn the other cheek to your bullshit, to punish me when I got out of line. ALL THE PROMISES you made YOU NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF KEEPING ANY OF THEM!!!!!! This was all a sick game to you. Mentally mind fuck ALL of your women to make them believe to think that you are this wonderful , awesome, good hearted man. To make them all think that ALL of the issues of the relationship was their fault....if only they had done more of this or less than this , than we could have made it. You keep this sick rotation cycle going on for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With me and ALL of your ex's, so you can pop in and out of our lives at the whim when you feel you like it. Training our minds that we were the ones who fucked up so that when you are welcomed with open arms and we are willing to do ANYTHING ( suck your dick, put up with your 5 year old temper tantrums and yelling bouts) to be with you again...because you have trained ALL of us that we were the ones with issues. You are truly sick!!!! I see you for who you really are. A sick Narcissitic Bastard who is emotionally stunted and unhealthy and need help in a serious way .You are addicted to porn. You have no respect for women at ALL!!!!!! I should have known years ago that any man who would yell and cuss out his own mama the way you did someone who does not have a SOUL! You said it best in your last email. You said you feel like you dont have a soul.....thats the one thing you have ever said that is true. How I could I ever thought that someone with out a soul could ever love me! I THANK GOD!!!! I thank god for sparing my life and sparing me from a future of hell with you. I thank GOD, he never allowed me to get pregnant again any more by you have no kind of soul tied to you whats so ever. You always said that people dont change...I just didnt listen. Because you were talking about yourself!!!! Now you can be you. Now you can run the streets, fuck bitches, keep lying to women, keep putting up this front like you the man. The sad part is all I did was love you!!!! Why couldnt you just let me be. Why did you have to come back to me!!! Why couldnt you just have left me the fuck alone. You say you gave this 110% and gave up on me after two months an I have put up with your shit for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I NEVER gave up on you! I tried to walk away. I tried so desperatly to move on with my life but no you wouldnt even let me do that!!! You got my ENTIRE family involved and poured your words out to them convincing them that it would be different this time. ANd I believed them when they told me you were sincere. I have NEVER in my life been so humilated. BUT THEY ALL know exactly who you are! now!!! You say I dont respect dont even know the meaning of the word RESPECT!!! You continue to put my life in jeopoardy over and over and over again. Fucking all these bitches with no condom. I am so disgusted that I have to now go to the doctor AGAIN to be tested for std's. . Why, because you dont give a fuck about nobody else but your got damn self.You fuck other bitches and then brag about it to your boy. You are 42 fucking years old. I have never in my life seen anything more pathetic than you. But every dog has his day....and yours is coming!!!! I knew things were bad .....but I never in a million years knew it was this bad. Never knew that I was sleeping with the DEVIL! I wish to GOD i would have listened to my fear and stayed away from you!!!!! I wish to God I would have stayed away from you years ago!!!!! But I'm not going to beat myself up know why... because I have a heart and I have a soul. And everything I felt for you was REAL. EVerything I did for you was from my heart! Every word I ever said to you I meant. Every tear I ever cried for you was real! Everything I gave you was real.....even though it was NEVER real for you!!!! This is a true life lesson in deed. Never tangle with the devil. Light and dark does not mix!!!
You claim you waisted all this money in therapy. GOOD FOR YOU! You only went to therapy to please me. To make me believe that you wanted to change. YOU WERE NEVER IN TO THE THERAPY. YOU NEVER WANTED TO PRACTICE OR DO ANY OF THE THINGS SHE TAUGHT US TO DO. WHY , BECAUSE YOU HAD NO REAL INTENTION ON CHANGING. NARCISSIST ARE INCAPABLE OF CHANGE!!! ONe woman will never be enough for you. NEVER!!!!!!!!!! I know you have already moved on to your next victims....GOD have mercy on their souls!! I questined and ask God could he be real and sincere. I asked my father , is he sincere. He believed you my blood rest on his hands, because he gave his daughter back to the DEVIL! But God stepped in and saw EVERYTHING that was happening. He saw ALL of the shit you were doing and he begin to show me exactly who you are!!!! MANY things I did not have to search or look for....God put it right in my face. Send your fucking phone to sprint and let them thoroughly check to see if theres any spy web or whatever the hell you talking about. Do that so you can see that you are just so fucked up in the head right now because God has and have had a way to allow your shit to come to light!!! And you say I have a interesting way of handling adversity!!!!!!!!! Bitch your NUMBER ONE BIGGEST FLAW BESIDES BEING A LIAR, IS HOW YOU HANDLE ADVRSITY!!!!!!!. WHen the heat is turned up in ANY situation you retaliate, yell, curse, scream, run away, not return, calls, silent treatments, and fuck other Bitchesd and then blame me for pushing you in that way. You have NO self control and then want to blame other people for making you react and do things!!!! You have mastered playing the blame game!!!! I dont even know how you sleep at night!!!!!!!!!!! All you do is lie, lie, lie, lie, lie ,lie, lie....You are a fucking LIAR!!!!!!
You have never changed or never will. This is who you are to the core. You take advantage of ALL women who did nothing but love you. The rest of them may still be in the dark for years but I'm glad I FINALLY see you for who you really are. Feed me, fuck me and shut the fuck up. You should marry a prosititute or a woman with NO SELF ESTEEM OR SELF WORTH....somebody who dont give a fuck about themselves. You prey on women who have emotionally baggage and daddy child hood issues.....these are easy preys for you. Women who you know you can train and put up with your shit for years!!!!!
I cant believe ALL the years I waisted on a piece of shit like YOU!. ALL the tears i cred for days and weeks at a time. Praying , trying to work on me. BLAMING MYSELF FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!.

There is the story of the brave and the snake. The brave is walking in the hills and comes across a snake. The snake begs the brave to take him down into the valley so he can be warmer and placed in the sun. The brave says I am afraid of you, you are a snake. The snake says please do not be afraid of me, I need you to help me. The brave picks up the snake and puts him under his shirt to warm the snake, and walks down to the valley. The brave finds a nice sunny spot for the snake and reaches in his shirt to place the snake in the sun. Before the snake is all the way out of the shirt he bites the brave. The brave says you bit me! You said I didnt need to be afreaid of you and I helped you! Why did you bite me? The snake said, you knew what I was when you picked me up.

I am blocking you from emailing me, calling me, texting me!!!. Leave me the fuck alone! YOU ARE DEAD TO ME......MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!!!

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Wow broken...

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thank you

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I read this earlier, and I