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#1 Feb 20 - 12AM
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Google Flights

How to know that you have found the best airfare price for the date you want and which is the time to buy Now, Google Flights can tell you when it is the best time to acquire it.

The Google flights (Google Flights ), which is a tool for travel spending little, now offers a new feature that helps you buy your plane ticket intelligent and cheaper way.

If you have already chosen a flight, it will let you know if there is a cheaper ticket on a different day or if you have another route that you can do to the same destination at a lower cost. If you only know the destination but have not yet selected a specific flight, you can also get tips on how to find the best price for this route, such as alternative dates or airports.

Even if you have a preference for a specific flight, the tool alerts you when ticket prices are lower, so you can review the best options before you buy your ticket.

Based on historical flight prices, Google also has a projection of when and how far tickets are expected to go up. Even if you can not buy your ticket now, the tool sends you email notifications with stock trends in the coming weeks or with warnings of falls and steep price increases on crawled flights.

When you search for international flights, the tool shows you the lowest value for each day in the calendar grid, which makes it easy to choose, and when you click explore, Google flights also give you suggestions of destinations to travel, based on the type of trip you are looking for and allows you to find hotels for sale.

The tool will soon allow you to manage saved flights on your smartphone.

The service is available free of charge, without charging any kind of fee or intermediation. If you find something that pleases you, you buy the tickets directly at the company you want.

The app shows multiple alerts and to make the process easier and more convenient, it is recommended that you use the app with your Google account connected.

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