Looking at NC as a good thing!!!

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Better than ever
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Looking at NC as a good thing!!!

I think looking at NC as a GOOD thing is the MOST healthy thing we can do......Where will CONTACT get you????

1.) Talking / texting a toxic person

2.) Talking / texting a person who is a LIAR so do we even believe him?

3.) Generating feelings we once had for that person that can never, ever be genuinely replicated....unless false of course....Do you want false actions?? (I would have put the word emotions here, but they have none)

4.) WASTING more of our energy, anticipation, expectations,and excitement, which will lead to bewilderment, disappointment, anger, and frustration!!!!

5.) AND seeing the disappointment in our friends and families eyes as we yet again think they are going to change......

I enjoy doing these reality checks once in awhile...

Hugs to all!!!

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Thank you for posting this. Helped me today! Great points! Offee
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It would also land my ass in
It would also land my ass in jail because the only contact I'd ever make with him again is my fist connecting with his face. And even then I just don't hate him or even dislike him enough to care. I'm just happy I haven't heard from him in over a year. And for his sake, he's lucky for that.
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Yep, My feeling exactly... I would love to knock the shit out of my n in front of god and everybody... Yes, I would say that I am at the anger stage...lol Just thoughts, He would really have to provoke me for me to ever touch him again... lol.
Better than ever
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Thank you for giving me a
Thank you for giving me a chuckle and a great perspective!!!!
repressed memory
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We only want people in our lives who make us feel good! That goes for everyone not just N. If we apply this, just think how much happiness we'll have!