The Most Hurtful One-liner N Blurted Out - What Was Yours?

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Sep 11 - 11AM
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Hurtful One-liners

"You never loved me. You just imprinted on me like a duckling." What? We were together for 20 years.
Sep 17 - 11AM (Reply to #13)
Pride and Shame
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Like a Duckling

Yours is my favorite. Truly. LOL.
Sep 11 - 12PM (Reply to #12)
Done sourcing
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I can't close the door...

She would tell me early in the mess that she could't close the door on him, the other man. Back then I was trying to save my family unit and my hurt pride, and I couldn't understand why she couldn't let him go. Interestingly, once I got strong and clear and moved out, she started telling me that she was telling the new guy that she couldn't close the door on me and move forward with him. She sometimes would even talk in percentages, like "I'm 75 percent ready to let you go, shit like that. I imagine it confused the new guy that she left me to be with him and was telling him she hadn't completely closed the door on me. What a stupid wasted of time that whole episode was in my life. Thanks to you here I don't have to listen to her crap anymore, it really used to suck me in big time. NC saved my life. I now know she was in her heaven and happy place when I was willing to listen to this drivel, because she was getting supply from me and him at the same time. Narcissistic heaven. ds-I am done giving my energy and light to a darkness that sucks off of me to fill its insatiable need for supply.
Sep 11 - 12PM (Reply to #2)
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What a piece of work!
Sep 11 - 12PM (Reply to #3)
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So many to choose from...

During one of his famous break down and cry uncontrollably dramas, I received this little gem AS I WAS HOLDING HIM WHILE HE CRIED! "I don't know why I can't respect you... I just don't want to settle for less than I deserve." You would be sick to your stomach if I told you how many times I let him D&D me and then come back after that. Oh, and yeah, I for sure gave him my body that night. Unfreakinreal alright.
Sep 11 - 12PM (Reply to #4)
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More little gems...

"I have thought about spending the rest of my life with you but at some point I am going to want you all to myself. I am concerned that your son will never leave home." My son has Tourette Syndrome, mild to moderate, quite unnoticeable for the most part, and does not affect his intelligence or ability to lead a completely normal life in any way, shape or form. "Why can't you just take things as they were intended?" I got this one after a hiatis and an invite to lunch where he 'neglected' to move the Viagra from the center console where I was sure to see it... "You have no idea what I had to go through to be with that woman." "I told you from the beginning that all I wanted was a friend." After we were most definitely a couple for quite some time.
Sep 11 - 2PM (Reply to #5)
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I almost forgot this one...

"Why is it always all or nothing with you?" This was the one I got after I advised him that I expected our relationship to be monogamous. I didn't ask for future committment, only that while we were together, he wouldn't date other women. I didn't think it was unreasonable.
Sep 11 - 2PM (Reply to #11)
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more we talk, more hatred I have....

OHHH!!! YESSS!!! This is a good one... What about... "Why do you think the whole word is against you?"
Sep 11 - 2PM (Reply to #6)
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PROJECTION PROJECTION...THEY ARE THE ONE,S WHO ARE ALL OR NOTHING..if your i was, he wanted him to be my only friend...i have fav songs that remind me of each of my kids...he told people they were our songs.....he even at one point tried[softlysoftly] to get me to choose btw him or my family....i said not in this friggen lifetime..he said he was only joking..... they are greedy bastards, so it stands to reason..they are all or nothing....
Sep 11 - 2PM (Reply to #7)
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I am so glad you said that... I always used to think the same thing when he said it. I didn't ask for shit except that he didn't date another women when we were together. And I mean I asked for NOTHING. Everybody had to fit into their assigned role I guess. When I told him that it was him that was his way or no way, he told me to stop overanalyzing and just take things day by day. Greedy greedy greedy slimy little fuckers.
Sep 11 - 2PM (Reply to #8)
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yes,narc even said to me once i hope you are not seeing someone behind my back..i said no i wasent[do friends say this anyway]...but he was in was in untold f/s r/s....they tell you what they are doing ever time they accuse you of something...they are doing.....slimey snakes...when i did become friends with another man.....i didnt do it behind his was not a happy bunny
Aug 17 - 9AM (Reply to #9)
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"I ll talk to prostitutes and

Oct 8 - 1AM (Reply to #10)
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"your always changing your