Nervous about this weekend

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#1 Feb 9 - 12PM
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Nervous about this weekend

It has been 11 days no contact and I'm finally starting to feel semi less panic as in its only hourly now instead of every minute from the time I wake up untill I fall asleep.

The problem is we will be working together this weekend at the hospital where he is the physican on-call. There is no way to avoid running into him being a smaller community hospital.

11 days ago I told him I wanted to do my own thing and thanked him for the time we had and quickly got off phone. At first I thought he was just a control freak with self esteem issues and I actually felt sorry for him and wanted to help him "open up" since I could tell he was emotionally detached. The honeymoon period was amazing. Unlike anything I have experienced. And then out of no where he disapeared...What did I do, what did I say. He ignored my texts, made me feel stupid...So I tried harder and harder thinking he was "scared" of getting to close to me. It didn't hit me untill 11 days ago when it all flashed before me. The gaslighting and hot cold behavior. I was married to a N for 7 years and didn't want to accept I had been sucked in again.

A huge part of me wants to call him on his behavior. Let him know I know what he is! I went through so much pain beating myself up this last month to find out all those tears were not my fault.

So I am trying to plan my strategy for the weekend. He has already text me 6 days after NC wanting to see me. I ignored it and felt like I had just climbed Mt. Everest. But I will see him and have to figure out how to act now, am I my fun energetic self around him? Do I walk away when he tries to talk? how do I handle myself. I'm going round and round in my head with scenerios and its exhausting.

Any advise please to help me get through this weekend

Feb 18 - 5PM
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jellybean, I am so sorry this

jillybean, I am so sorry this post was over looked. Did you possibly repost it under a different topic when you noticed no one saw this one initially? I sure hope that you received the advice you needed and that you got through your weekend! Stay strong! And stay NC! Hope all is well.