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Owliegyrl's Story

First time poster - here is my story

Hope to keep it short and sweet (?) as it's painful and can only take so much at a time. My husband moved here from Germany 14 yrs ago, met him soon after, whirlwind romance, pregnant 2 mos later, married 9 mos later, charming, blah, blah, blah. I have tried to figure it out the whole time without success until now, counselors have been no help and how let down I feel by that too! I saw passive aggressive tendencies in the past, but never identified the whole narcissistic picture until a couple weeks ago, oddly enough, when his mother he prob got the disorder from was visiting US from Germany. I am heartbroken and I do need support and I do hope to find that here in some capacity. I really need resources and counselors and lawyers who specialize in NPD. I do not want to waste my time further with clueless counselors! My eyes have been opened, I'm Wide Awake (thanks Katy Perry!), and that in and of itself is a GREAT relief. A label, an identity, something that makes SENSE!!!!!! But I am sad, heartbroken, still love/care/feel sorry for him. I know his mother and she is a she-devil!!!! No wonder he clung to me like an idiot. I wish I could make it okay for him and me, but I know that won't work and I my biggest thought it with our 13 y/o daughter and me. It's time to go ... Help!

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Welcome to Narcville.. As far