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See Ya PsychoNarc

I've said it a thousand times. So have you. But I can finally, with full confidence and authority say, this is over. It's done. See ya.

I will not miss your lies.

I will not miss your constant, incessant cheating while bouncing like a flea from one woman to the next on the side.

I will not miss your manipulation.

I will not miss your obsession with porn.

I will not miss your penchant for little girls, ones the age of your oldest daughter.

I will not miss your bullshit, your drama, your triangulation, and most definitely will not miss your momma.

I will not miss the way you could not have an adult conversation to save your life. You just go screw some other woman because you don't like that I asked you to take out the trash.

Forgive me. I know this sounds harsh. But I will not miss that you're stupid.
I'm sorry. But you don't know history because you saw one show on TV.

I will not miss your multiple personalities.

I will not miss that you do not have a moral fiber or bone in your body.

I will not miss your unwillingness to work. Ever.

I will not miss listening to you talk about what a great father you are. When I know the truth. I won't miss you mistreating or lying to or brainwashing your own kids against their mother.

I will not miss your projection. Those are not my problems. They are yours.

I won't miss you being completely indiscriminating about who you are with.

I will not miss your unbelievable arrogance in criticizing anyone you view as 'above' you when you are who you are.

I won't miss you saying all the ex's are crazy, or that I'm crazy, or that your mommy is stupid. It's you. You're the one.

I will not miss your boring predictability. I even had your timing down by the end. Yawn.

Early on, you'd ask if I was jealous of other 'female friends.' And I wasn't. You wondered why I didn't want to check your phone. Which I didn't. You see, when you met me, I wasn't willing to live that way. Once upon a time, I knew that if you didn't want to be with me, it was perfectly fine for you to go be with someone else. I also was convinced that I would refuse to live in a untrusting relationship where I constantly had to be on edge wondering when the next shoe would drop.

And drop it you did. Over and over.

I won't miss the word games. I love you one day. I love you but am not in love with you the next. I hate you. That one was pretty clear. I love you and you're the one. Again.

And here's one better for you. All that good I thought I saw in you?
Guess what.
It wasn't you. It wasn't yours.
It was ME. They were my characteristics and good traits you were mirroring back.

I came from a different background. You used to turn that around and make me feel sorry for you, saying that it was because people like me thought we were better than you. I never did think that way. And I made sure you knew that. You manipulated me well with that one.

But I have news for you.

Damn straight I'm better than you.

And wait, there's more.

Your life is a miserable life full of darkness that is on a downward spiral. You drag everyone around you down with you, and don't give a damn. Not even about your kids.

But me?
I've got my power back. I've got strength again. I'm getting stronger everyday.

You may THINK you won.
You may THINK you left me in a heap and that I'll never fully recover from you.

That's where you are dead wrong.

You see, you are the catalyst that has served to begin my journey to rediscover and redefine myself. It's the catalyst to learn to love myself. To change. To grow.

Not only is my future ahead full of amazing opportunity and a rich life and real love, YOU are the reason I finally woke up!

You didn't break me, PsychoNarc.
You woke me up.

Be gone. You have no power here.


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Very very well written

Aug 8 - 8AM
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Glad you dig it

Aug 6 - 10PM
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Bravo Goodbye


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Jenna H
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WTG Grace

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Love this!! Good for you Xo

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Woo hoo

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Excellent letter!

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Hell yeah...This letter is

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Thank you