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#1 Sep 7 - 7PM
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Thank you!

Thank you for all the support here I received yesterday! It was traumatic. Thank you everyone for your help. I still have my job. In the end, I was vindicated. Even tho this coworker shouted to my face (and in front of my boss yesterday) that I had purposefully shoved her... there was NO physical contact. She had yelled in my face that I had touched her, expecting me to apologize for something I had NOT done.

My boss told me today "See you tomorrow." I will be keeping my distance from this coworker, because she did feed off of my pain yesterday. She ENJOYED the trauma and drama she created... and tried walking away from it.

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Sep 7 - 11PM
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You rock!! See god

You rock!! See.. good wins! Hunter
Sep 8 - 10PM (Reply to #2)
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What's to be gained in LYING?

One of my coworkers confronted this coworker, asking her, "She didn't touch you. Why did you LIE about her?" and the only answer she got was SILENCE. The fact that what she said was a LIE puts her own credibility into question, should she accuse anyone of anything ever again. She wasted my supervisor's time, the manager's time, some of my co-workers' time (since they were called about the incident on their day off)... it sabotaged A LOT. I don't see real-life victims of harassment resorting to LYING. Yes, their credibility is questioned;some suffer smear campaigns. I don't see victims of Narcs/Psychs here resorting to dishonesty to shield themselves from their abusers. I mean REALLY.