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So I was on here over a year ago but not sure the last time I wrote.

I have been with the N for 4 years. Off and on, off and on. I won't go into details again, but it hasn't been pretty or easy. I get to see him after 9:00 at night or maybe after 10:00.

After giving him gifts at Christmas, taking him to a concert, and drying laundry for him because his dryer was broke, his way of thanking me was to not acknowledge my birthday. Not one word, not only on my birthday but for two weeks afterwards. Oh….but did I mention that he had slept with me three days before my birthday? No thank you's for the gifts I gave him at Christmas either (he feels awkward receiving gifts), and going to the concert was all on his terms as far as when we left and when we came home even though I paid for the tickets.

To make a long story short, I wrote to him taking responsibility….he told me that he slept with other women, I chose to turn my head; he told me that he wasn't comfortable receiving gifts, I gave them anyway; he told me that he felt guilty after we would sleep together, I still believed he cared. I told him it was time for us to disengage.

In response I received an email stating his faults and why he is the way he is, and that I am a beauty full sweet soul and that his response to me was almost more than he could bear. The usual….

Two hours after I received the email, I was at an event and he walked in with another woman on his arm. Still reeling, haven't talked to him since, but today received a text telling me good morning.

I realize it IS my responsibility for being treated so poorly….I can't change him but I certainly gave him permission to treat me like shit.

Difficult times for me. I see a counselor on Friday.

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i can not call you foolish
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Have you had enough yet?
Foolish Gurl
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Nicely said, BNM!
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stay strong