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Lisa E. Scott
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Welcome to the Narc at Work Forum!

I have waited a long time to bring you this forum and I am thrilled to finally be able to do so. Workplace Bullying is an epidemic we must no longer ignore.

In 2010, the WBI (Workplace Bullying Institute) for which I am a member, conducted a survey and found that 35% of Americans report being bullied at work. So why do people rarely talk about it or do anything about, especially employers?

No one wants to admit being bullied by anyone, especially at work, and current legislation makes it easy for employers to ignore it and do nothing.

The United States is significantly behind other countries in its response to workplace bullying. Several other countries have laws in place to protect employees if they are bullied at work. The United States does not.

In order to have a legal claim against your employer for being bullied at work, you must be in a protected class and the person harassing you must be of another race, gender or ethnicity. Yet same sex bullying is the most common form of bullying.

The 2010 WBI study tells us women bullying other women is the second most common form of bullying after men bullying other men. Yes, women bully other women at work more than they target men.

While "Horrible Bosses" was a hilarious movie, very few men suffer from a Jennifer Aniston sex kitten type boss harassing them sexually in the workplace.

“What bothers people about abusive workplace conduct, after all, is not the fact that it may be discriminatory but that it is abusive in the first place.”
~ Washington Post Editorial

Yet, in America we have absolutely no laws enacted to protect ourselves from such abusive behavior unless it can be proven to be discriminatory in nature.

Narcissism is the abuse of power in any relationship. When it occurs at work, it is devastating, traumatizing and difficult to escape.

What personality types bully at work?

Yes, you guessed it, they include:

Machiavellian Exploiters
Antisocial Intimidators
and Psychopaths

And who do these bullies target?

This you may find interesting.

Narcs bully people who are:


And why do they target these people?

Because they are threatened by them.

You may ask, how can one be threated by someone who is ethical, honest and fair? Great question! Most people are not threatened by such people. In fact, they admire and respect them.

Therein lies the problem! The narcissist is so insecure that he feels threatened by anyone who might out-shine him. A narcissist cannot handle having anyone else take the spotlight from them.

As a result, they set out to destroy this person's work experience. They intimidate, bully and terrorize them into leaving or having a breakdown. There are numerous stories of individuals killing themselves as a way out from the emotional abuse.

Less than a year ago, Kevin Morrissey, Editor of the Virgina Quarterly Review magazine killed himself and his family members say it was because he was trying to escape three years of torment inflicted upon him by his bullying boss.

For more on this tragic story, click here:

Records indicate Morrissey made at least 17 complaints to the Human Resources Department who did absolutely nothing to help him. In the end, he killed himself.

We MUST build awareness and provide a place for victims to feel understood and supported. Therefore, we are adding the Narc @ Work forum to our website.

As I mentioned, I was certified recently as a spokesperson for the Workplace Bullying Institute, led by Drs. Gary & Ruth Namie. Dr. Ruth Namie was bullied herself at work in the nineties and after consulting an attorney, the Namies realized there was little to no legal recourse for non-discriminatory bullying. In 1997, the Namie's made the passage of such legislation their mission and purpose.

Along with Georgetown Law School professor, David Yamada, the Namies preside over a small army of coordinators in 33 states called Healthy Workplace Advocates, of which I am proud to be a member.

Healthy Workplace Bills have been introduced across the country and over 20 states have held hearings to consider passing the bill, which provides legal options for bullied employees regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity.

I myself have been bullied at work and have lots to say on the matter personally. Fortunately, I no longer work under such circumstances and now feel empowered to do all I can to help further this cause and provide a support network to those who are experiencing the horror of being bullied in the workplace.

Please share your stories here and know that we understand what you're going through better than anyone else. As you know, I feel strongly that talking to others who know exactly what you're going through is extremely cathartic and healing. Our on-line support forum is NOT meant to replace professional, medical attention.

If you are suffering from emotional abuse in the workplace, you could be experiencing PTSD and medical attention is absolutely critical. Research has proven that bullying at work causes severe emotional and physical stress, which leads to major health issues that cannot be ignored. Our support forum is simply meant to enhance any treatment program you are currently involved in and if you have not yet sought professional medical advice, I strongly encourage you to do so immediately.

The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) understands the devastating effects Narcissists can have on the workplace environment and individual employee health. If you are being bullied at work, WBI can help. Their website is filled with valuable resources. They even offer personal, confidential coaching to provide emotional support and customized strategies to effectively address your workplace bullying situation. For more information visit: http://www.workplacebullying.org/

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Reluctant Shaman
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Lisa E. Scott

Hi There precious One How much do I dig you, Lisa let me count the ways... another brilliant and much needed forum! thank you be blessed k
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Lisa E. Scott
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Thanks Girlsinger!

Awww, thanks so much, GS! You brought a huge smile to my face. It's nice to finally work for an organization that is supportive of my efforts to build awareness on the rarely discussed topic of bullying in the workplace! Lots of Love, L