When their vm begins with an insult...

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When their vm begins with an insult...

I don't get it...my ex bf/Narc and exbf has been all over me to "reunite" and get back together after his latest supply has dissed him...

Calling me to get together, back and forth...it is not a healthy situation, and I never feel good after seeing him, and I don't. I have gone totally NC with a "friend" who I thought I would be friends for life wit.

Well his lates voicemail to me, again a ploy and plead to get together begins with an insult "well I know you are alive because you have paid for your cell phone" it was the tone of the message, very insulting!

How does it make sense that a Narc can simultaneously insult, and plead for you to out with them relentlessly.

I don't get that...

Jar of hearts
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They are pathetic!
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There's nothing to understand
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Because he feels he can talk
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Mine tried to hooover his way back
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Shit stain?? Who said
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He is the shit stain!
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Ns can insult and plead
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He's tried the Mr Nice guy