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I never fought with anyone the way I fight with you

I've heard this so many times,or "I never argue with anyone else", (so it can't be me)Projection!
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better off
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I think some of their

I think some of their "projection" is really just them repeating what other people have screamed in their faces probably many times. They don't even know what some of this stuff means, really. But how many times do you think a narc hears "I have never fought with anyone like this but you?" because it's THEM! I'm reminded of loveofmylife having her idiot narc say "you're violating my boundaries" when it doesn't even make any sense!! He doesn't even KNOW what that means... but I think he must have heard it from his ex-wife (at the very least) since she had a RO against him... I mean obviously there were some boundary issues there. So when he wants to push her off, he just pulls that phrase out to avoid talking to her. And then instead of dealing with the issue at hand, now she's spending her energy trying to figure out how on earth she violated his boundaries. SHE DIDN'T! But the subject has been sufficiently changed. With my husband, when i get a new insight on his strange behavior, and I say anything about it... within a few weeks he will use the same comment against me. Like, gee, where'd you hear that one? (rolling eyes)
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better off

Exactly!!! N used the same comment (with more rage and conviction of course) but this was directed to my child!! as i do NC. COuld not get to me so he used my child. Sick idiot.
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they all mimic, not an orignal thought of their own, does remind me off ONCE n did come out with something orignal, and i said !did you get a script out when i blinked. lol