Let's play another round of "stupid things my Narc said"

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May 9 - 9PM (Reply to #9)
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Hope Again

Too bad he didn't literally hang himself! I guess that would have messed up his mullet/Danny Zuko hairdo! Haaaa!
May 9 - 10PM (Reply to #10)
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More narcspeak from "Danny Zuko"....lol

My sentiments exactly sara-smile...there is so much he used to say..I actually posted it on another site and will cut and paste it here... When you see through their lies and begin to find them out...people with narcissistic personality disorder say certain things in order to make you question yourself or project what they are doing onto you: I heard these over and over again: -You're so insecure -You're the craziest girl I ever dated -You're so negative, I can't be around you (also gave him time with his other sources of supply) -I used to be "happy go lucky" but I am different since I met you because you bring me down -You are making me bear your exes cross -You're pushing me away -You have to make me WANT to be with you (when he'd give me tiny specs of crumbs ..he was the "invisible boyfriend") I used to ponder: how can I be positive and "make him want to be with me" when he treats me like a piece of dog shit on his shoe??? HMMMMM...very good question you sick narco-path!! lol - Another popular one in which he was also projecting: "You don't trust my friendship with X or Y or Z (there were many 'friends/fans') because YOU can't have a platonic relationship!!!!" -You don't want a boyfriend, you just want someone to argue with -When he would be outright awful to me it was "a reaction to an action!!!!" -I need a chic who is "happy to be" True meaning: Happy to be cheated on, happy to be ignored, happy to be emotionally abused & gaslighted, happy to be verbally abused, happy to be mind-fucked, happy to be by herself all the time. Yes, happy to be all these things "while I am out banging other chics & lying to her face each and every time I see her & each and every time we talk" And the number one winner is....(drumroll please).... "YOU THINK WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!" True meaning: Damn, I'd wish you'd stop figuring me out... that I am a lying, cheating, psychopathic player who is using you and countless other women and telling them all I am their "boyfriend".
May 17 - 8PM (Reply to #14)
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I was waiting for it in all these comments "YOU THINK TOO MUCH" gooooood one....or "ur crazy" and I use to question myself! They're the crazy weirdos who think too much
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Hope again WTF???

ok we ALL have the same narc on this post! that freaking comment "you think too much" - "you're too smart for your own good" ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Controlling, women-hating mother fu--ers!!!!!!!!!!!
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oh yeah hope again and patiencegoal

You think too much you take our relationship too seriously (meanwhile telling me he loves me everyday but its okay for him to talk and text all ex GF's..that I'm sure were still in the picture) ugh I would marry you one day....huh? We are pretty compatible.. I want what you want - when I asked him what he was looking for in a relationship...(already caught him cheating...... ...but she slept in the other bedroom cause she got drunk (thats why he answered the door with a hard on and told me to leave).....oh and after i lived with him for 2 months with my kids, etc. he also said that day... We were only dating!!! WTF, dating? I lived with you and we were together every day, vacations with me, my kids, my mother, talking of spending our lives together and telling me he loved me every day! guess thats what he told the OW I will always love you-----heard that over and over I want to be friends You need to raise your kids right now but in 2-5 years I want to get married and the only person I have chemistry and connection with is you!! yes to keep me around for sex but.....the same night he told me that, he did tell me that he was narcisistic and controlling and manipulative and he was working on himself....and I thought that was so big of him that I did sleep with him and then several times after..ugh no more I D&D'd and NC for almost 3 wks! : ) love that they are all cut from the same cloth!
May 9 - 10PM (Reply to #11)
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Ours are very similar every

Ours are very similar every time I found something online about him or questioned something he said or did he'd say "you really need to get a hobby" He said "you are bi-polar, I never know which you I'm going to get". I told him he was smart enough to figure out if he'd treat me well, he'd get a happy me. He just didn't care enough to do that, I think he got off on making me angry and seeing how far he could push me and then having me beg him to forgive me. In fact, I know he got off on it. Asshole He told me I had too much drama in my life, that it took a great deal of effort to keep me happy (meaning a brief phone call every day and drunken calls when there wasn't anyone else to be had)
May 9 - 9PM
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Oh fun! :) ME: Can you please

Oh fun! :) ME: Can you please come and look at some paint samples and colors to give me your opinion? Narcette: No I can't, I'm cleaning the windshield of my car.... REALLY?? You couldn't do better than that? Another.... Narcette: I think we have to back things down to just being friends.... ME: I don't think I am capable of being just friends with you... Narcette: Well of course I'll always love you and we'll always be more than just friends WTF??? ~KG
May 12 - 7AM (Reply to #7)
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OMG! I would see mine watering his lawn next door and text him, "Coming out to chit chat!" and he'd text back and say, "I can't talk now. I'm watering the lawn."
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Your Narcette sounds like my Narc! Let's be friends.....I'll always love you and we'll always be more than just frineds! Let's get married.......after my kids aren't so attached to HER KID! UGH! Stupid Narcs! When I read stuff like this it makes me wonder where my brain was for 3 years! LOL
May 9 - 9PM (Reply to #6)
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Sara-smile....I hear ya

Sara-smile....I hear ya sister! What was I thinking?? Ugh...they're imbeciles!! :) hugs! ~KG
May 9 - 9PM
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Love this game!

Sara, your ex can toss a word salad better than just about anyone! Here's a fun one courtesy of N #2. We had gotten together on a Friday night and I wanted to go out. I was new to LA and up for anything; I just wanted to see the city. Me: Let's go somewhere! N: I don't want to. Me: I don't mean someplace fancy. We could just go to the pier or to the beach or something. N: Guys don't like to take their girls out. If a guy takes his girl out and other guys look at her, he feels bad because they want her. But, if other guys DON'T look at her, then he feels bad because he thinks she must not be that hot. I think about this stuff now and wonder how I didn't run screaming into the night!
May 9 - 9PM (Reply to #2)
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You are so right Ally

My Narc is a master at toss a word salad! He could keep me confused for days!! I also look at this stuff and wonder where my brain was and what the hell was wrong with me!!!! 2 years ago if he had said that crap to me my thought would have been "aaaaawww he wants to marry me one day"! DUH! All of that garbage is code for CAN WE HAVE SEX AGAIN PLEASE??
May 10 - 7PM (Reply to #3)
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This is a great post! When I

This is a great post! When I confronted my exN that we didn't see each other a lot because of all the extra things he did outside of work that didn't include me, he told me to "sleep less" if I wanted to see him in the morning, or stay up late to accommodate his schedule I want someone fun I put a master lock on the cell phone account so I could see who's checking it You're being very fairy tale about our relationship I don't want you to turn into your mother (this was the D&D. meanwhile, his dad is a loser who's been married 4,5 times, who left his mom for the babysitter when he was a kid) You worry too much (because I didn't want to drive 4 hours in a blizzard) I can't sleep in the same bed as you. That's just WEIRD (right after the D&D while I was waiting to move out) Me: I'm catholic Him: No you're not Me: Um, yes I am, I was raised catholic and that is my religion Him: No it's not, otherwise I wouldn't be dating you