Strange and awful presents

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Strange and awful presents

Reading Janet's post about the socks made me laugh! Let's post the strange gifts we received from them:

mine once gave me an outfit i already owned and had worn 3 times already in front of him. he kept saying "it looks like you!" yeah...that's because there is one just like it hanging in my closet!

a horrible christmas tree pin that looked like something an 80 year old woman would wear. so not me!

mixed bouquets even though i told him maybe a hundred times i didn't like them.

a mixed bouquet (of course) arrangement for valentine's day with a plastic stick greeting that read "Valentine's Greetings!"
so romantic!

Jul 31 - 2PM
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Strange and awful presents

Jul 30 - 7PM
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gifts from a narc

Jan 10 - 7PM
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Disordered Folks Make for Disordered Gift-Giving

Jan 10 - 8PM (Reply to #135)
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The freaks are truly

Jan 10 - 9PM (Reply to #136)
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Tricky freaks

Dec 16 - 3PM
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Narc gifts

Jan 3 - 2PM (Reply to #133)
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a diary

Dec 15 - 11PM
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These are all unreal! Lol

Dec 15 - 8PM
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Dec 19 - 2PM (Reply to #130)
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Ha! He just liked seeing his

Dec 11 - 9PM
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Kitchen appliances

Dec 15 - 9PM (Reply to #128)
Better Now
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Engagement Ring

Dec 10 - 4PM
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worst gift given to me by my narc

Oct 23 - 10PM
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this one is kind of funny

previous Narc before xN gave me a pencil holder with a hideous woman's face on it for Christmas
Oct 23 - 8PM
ruby01 (not verified)
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if these classify as presents-

a half filled in Sudoku puzzle book and a left over burrito.
Oct 22 - 5PM
Syren66 (not verified)
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a filing cabinet...for my

a filing cabinet...for my birthday...the day after my mother died from cancer. He was placed on the "dead to me" list right then and there. Before that, a mixed wool coat 3 sizes too large for Christmas. Valentine's Day was Dictator Day for him...if I was behaving, I'd get something...if I was not behaving, I got nada.
Oct 23 - 3PM (Reply to #122)
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What is it with the clothes 3 sizes too big??? I got this too!! Is it an intentional insult, or is their perception of us THAT warped???
Oct 23 - 3PM (Reply to #123)
Syren66 (not verified)
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Well in my case, it was an

Well in my case, it was an issue of fuck face shopping for me on Christmas Eve when everything was already picked over. I left the rag in the coat closet when I moved out. WTF.
Oct 22 - 3AM
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For my first birthday with him

while still in the idealization phase: an old, dented microphone a sponge bag given to him years ago by his brother to keep the microphone in an old woolly hat of his (too big) and an old pair of his gloves (way too big, bright turquoise, worn in places and covered in motor oil), all wrapped up really carefully with ribbons and bows. He took a day off work for my birthday and asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to drive to H., there was a wonderful place there which I knew he`d love. Seeing him awed and inspired was what I wanted for my birthday. He said, OK, he would drive but I must pay for the gas. They have wonderful fish restaurants in H. and I said I`d like to eat fish. We stopped at a booth and he generously donated me a bread roll with a pickled herring. And that was that.
Oct 22 - 3AM (Reply to #120)
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Oct 22 - 2AM
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No gifts for 10 or so years

A few flowers one Valentines day and a few birthdays - and free sports gear (I asked since he was given tons of free stuff) - that't it - oops and one romantic e-card (free) on my birthday 2010 and he then he went silent for 11 months
Oct 22 - 2AM
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He bought be a mug for

He bought be a mug for Christmas. Unbelievable, we had been married 11 years then. A mug for a mug Says it all really We stayed married for another year after that and then he left
Oct 22 - 2AM
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An used toy

He gave me an used toy :))) With stains and all...Actually I saw that toy at one of his cousin's house. 3 weeks later he gave it to me, after I complained that he never gives me presents (like normal persons do). That's 4 years of pseudo-dating. Oh, I forgot..once he also gave me his half of his MacDonalds fries small-sized portion.
Oct 19 - 3AM
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Can relate to all of you

First Pschyco....diddly squat but sometimes got a voucher SecondNarc.......always forgot b/days, and Xmas was a no show. Third Narc...bring on the prezzies...expensive, somewhere in line with what I wanted to make up for the time he never had for me. One year during the on again period of the non-relationship, he kept forgetting to give my daughter her present, so after I booted his ass (for the second attempt) he sent her the gift 6 MONTHS after her B/Day. Hellloooo!! She made the comment "He is fucking with my head isn't he Mum?" I said Yep pretty much. She then said "So he thinks if he throws a present your way it makes everything alright?" I said Yup that is pretty much all that goes on in that head. Last Christmas (when we were still seeing each other) he mailed my daughter and I separate Xmas cards that were signed from "Narc and Family" He has 4 daughters on the other side of the country. So I HAD to ring a friend to ask her what she thought. She said "So what the F*%k is that supposed to say about you?" I thanked her for letting me know I was still on planet Earth.


Oct 19 - 12AM
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I got mixed tapes galore. I

I got mixed tapes galore. I now think it was brainwashing and it has ruined so much good music for me. It sucks so bad. Truly.
Oct 19 - 1PM (Reply to #113)
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ruining music for you!! that's going too far. seriously.
Oct 22 - 8PM (Reply to #114)
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Couldn't even talk about music

The ex-Psych professor and I couldn't even have a normal conversation about music. He'd claim that he'd go to a tapas restaurant to listen to jazz, that he liked jazz... but he couldn't mention a specific type of jazz he liked, let alone a musician. Music is such a common subject. At work, we talk about music. I talk about music with friends. It's odd when THAT subject is off the table.
Oct 18 - 10PM
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horrible at gift giving

My EXN was horrible at gift giving. Knowing what I do now his games were all just a control thing. CRAZYMAKING. Examples- First Christmas living together we wake up and I run to surprise him with his met with gosh I feel like a heel I had NO IDEA we would exchange gifts????? Clearly he had nothing for me which made me cry 1000 tears. I reply'd why would you think we wouldn't exchange gifts....we never spoke of it? Well I hate Christmas and my ex wife and I never exchanged gifts......UGHHHHHHH what a horrible day I remember. The remaining holidays I got LAME LAME gifts...... cutting board from Walmart that he clearly picked up on Christmas eve.......a pair of slippers........ Never once in four years got a bday present. His excuse was its your bday all year long and I'll buy you what you want whenever which was true. He bought lavish gifts/trips and the like all the time BUT THE ASSWIPE refused to do one tiny thing to make me feel special on holidays/bdays. Thinking of it now makes me puke. It was all a sick twisted game of control.
Oct 18 - 9PM
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Oh Lord!

Well, mines a theif so I got plenty of Nike sweatshirts and sneakers that I DID NOT want or meed. But I have to say, we were in Victoria Secret and he bought me 3 perfume spray. I like it but guess what? HE USED IT FOR HIS CLOTHES. He walked around smelling like me. He used UP 2 OF THE 3. I put one in my car to confuse him.
Oct 19 - 12AM (Reply to #110)
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