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Jun 24 - 6PM (Reply to #6)
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mine too always had to either tell me how much he had spent or often would just give me the receipt ????One year for christmas we talked about buying my daughter a laptop between us. He proceeded to discuss this with my daughter and eventually persuaded her that she did not really want or need a laptop. Then about a week later he bought himself a laptop and proceeded to tell my daughter how cool it was,got upset when I told him what he had done was so wrong and so hurtful. It must have gone in on some level. His remedy for this was on my birthday he gave me some money to buy my daughter a laptop. He could not grasp it when my daughter said no way it is my mums birthday you should get her a present not me. Try as we might we could not make him understand how twisted his thinking was. Thank God he has gone and has not contacted me. I did not realise how much hatred my daughter had for him, nor how much damage she suffered from having him around. I am so glad now that life is getting back to normal, we are laughing again.
Jun 25 - 6AM (Reply to #20)
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What do you think about when my Narc told me his zon had won a ipod at school and he told me i can't understand what is he going to use that for...I can use it more often than he wil...What a selfish person...


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all about them

It seems every single thing they do, see or even just hear about somehow has to be manipulated so that it is all about them. They seem unable to share or feel happy for anyone else. Even when they attempt to do something nice they always seem to mess it up so that the whole thing becomes a bad memory for the people involved. What a freakish horrible inner life they must have. How sad not to be able to share someones joy, comfort someones sorrow, ease someones pain. all things that we find so easy and natural. Must be a dreadfully cold, sterile world they live in. No wonder they seek us out and try to destroy what they so desperately need but will never have. I can pity them as long as there is a great distance between any one of them and me and mine. One good thing in all the pain and upset my daughter witnessed and experienced is that I am sure as she gets older and becomes involved with men she will spot a narc a mile off and hopefully save herself a lot of grief. See narc for all your evilness we can still find some good in it. You will never win because ultimately there are more good and real people than there are warped freaks like you.
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"How sad not to be able to share someones joy, comfort someones sorrow, ease someones pain. all things that we find so easy and natural. Must be a dreadfully cold, sterile world they live in. No wonder they seek us out and try to destroy what they so desperately need but will never have" Its unbelieveable isn't it? I spoke about this in another thread, but I remember getting accepted into a Masters program. So of course I run to tell my "boyfriend" and a normal response would be that they would share in my joy and good news, but what did he do instead: he made it all about how that meant I would not have time for him and even asked do I have to go to school. I said "I thought you would be happy for me" and he replies with "I am" in the most monotone voice. Very sad!
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Sounds like his son is simply an extension of his for his own selfish needs and shows his basic lack of real love for himself, others, or his son.
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Lisa E. Scott
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These are hilarious. They are clueless, aren't they!
Jun 24 - 10PM (Reply to #7)
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Cereal, Folgers. Socks?

OMG!!! This is some of the funniest sh*t I have EVER HEARD. The bit about the mother-n-law wrapping up cereal boxes for the kids at X-mas? Almost wet my pants. Unbelievable. Dollar Store Gifts, chipped coffee cups, nothing. Cheap bastards. The only thing good I can say about my ex is he gave me gifts I liked.
Jun 24 - 11PM (Reply to #8)
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mother in law

okay if you all could see me now i do a dead on impression of my mother in law on christmas eve with her crazy presents and making everyone listen, listen, listen while things were passed out. (she may be n too seriously) they live in a beautiful home on the bayfront and honestly she shops at the 99 cent store for presents too. the cereal boxes were one thing but through the years: a faux mink apron - really? a fork that extended to about 3 feet long so you could eat food from someone's plate a shirt with a stain on it i usually just kept everything in my car and took it straight to the thrift shop. i am soooooo going to miss those christmas eves with her and her crazy son. darn! what material can i use for my comedy routine now?
Jun 25 - 6AM (Reply to #18)
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Stop ur killin me!

I can't stop laughing.
Jun 25 - 12AM (Reply to #17)
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"a fork that extended to about 3 feet long so you could eat food from someone's plate" bad enough these narcs take our soul, now they want our food too?? i can't stop laughing!
Jun 25 - 12AM (Reply to #9)
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LMFAO. God you guys are

LMFAO. God you guys are killing me tonight...hahha. She sounds like a raving lunatic. Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree here does it? I was thinking about when i start to date again (long time) on how i would go about with my formal investigation into the complete background check of the potential mate. I think the first thing we should do is a formal interview with the parents. It really tell you a lot. thank god your out of that

only one way to go...Forward (tm?)

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If I was quicker on the uptake this incident should have indicated what I would be dealing with over the next thirty years... First dinner at my MIL's mansion after I got married I'm helping my BIL clean up in the kitchen and I comment on four stoneware mugs with horses on them that are signed by the artist. I had no clue that they were antique and highy collectable. I just loved them, and I told my BIL so. He says he bought them for my wedding gift, but my MIL made him buy something else. At the time I thought maybe she thought they weren't enough -- though I was a horse nut and would have treasured those mugs over any of the other present I recieved. Wrong. She's used those suckers every year since and I now understand that it had nothing to do with not being good enough -- they were too good for me. When my mom was in the hospital dying, my NH gave me pots and pans and expected them to rock my world. Doesn't every woman lay awake at night dreaming about pots and pans for Valentine's Day. Tires for Christmas was another good one. The silver lining of all the crappy gifts is -- I can exit this relationship with a small U-Haul. lol
Jun 25 - 6AM (Reply to #15)
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Now this is a topic worth exploring

My X's mother left him when he was a small boy. She came back into the pic 25 yrs. later on fb. She seems like a np 2 me. Let's explore this on message board sometime if it's not on there already.
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okay maybe i forgot to say that the cereal thing was annual. went on for 20 years with my kids. they were soooo over it. i mean who wants pops for christmas. with the recent downturn in the economy (even though they are quite well off) she switched from expensive cereal to off brand cereal bars. oh wow this is the best.... the final christmas...she gave this to all the girls - me, her 3 daughters and her step daughter. claimed we weren't going to believe we had lived without this. it is going to change your life, blah, blah. okay i open it up and it is a plastic knife sharpener about the size of an egg that you screw into your formica countertop. yeah...i didn't have anyplace to put that. how will i live?
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second chance

I cannot stop laughing about the cereal 20 year tradition. The other gifts make it even funnier!!! How did you ever keep a straight face?
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cheap gifts

Dec 18 - 11PM (Reply to #12)
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cheap gifts

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Awful Gifts!!