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Narcissists are Emotion Plagiarizers/Goldie

Narcissists are Emotion Plagiarizers/Goldie

Emotional Plagiarizers, meaning they USE and suck from others what they have SEEN or learned works.

They steal/borrow suck dry the emotions of others including yours.

Women apparently like romantic songs, poems, gestures and so on.

Soulmate, as one, meant to be.....

They mimic what they see working and what is EFFECTIVE.

Like an investment banker.

Does it net profit/results or not?

If they put out; they expect/demand a payoff/result.

This is why they, so called, change/NOT.

They did not so much change as they paid their insurance premiums with you.

Love bombing, romance, kiss assing, and so on

Them changing is still them.

They paid up front, now you are expected to do the same.

To be clear.

Spanish Version of "The Path Forward" Now Available

The Spanish version of "The Path Forward - Surviving a Narcissist" is now available in both print and e-book versions. Please help us spread the word so we can continue to build awareness!

Que de repente se encuentra en una relación con alguien que cree que es todo acerca de él? ¿Está usted en amor con alguien que es demasiado crítico, degradante y cruel, incluso? ¿Se siente como si usted no puede hacer nada bien le parece? ¿Está constantemente hace sentir culpable cuando no has hecho nada malo? ¿Está golpeando sucabeza contra la pared tratando de averiguar cómo su relación pasó de un cuento de hadas a un choque de trenes durante la noche?

The Best Revenge for a Narcissist

The Best Revenge for a Narcissist

I recently received this question in regard to The Best Revenge for a Narcissist:

"I have read in many places - that indifference is
the ultimate punishment for a narc but at the same time it is said
that he/she does not care, it is he/she who feels no empathy.

How can indifference be a punishment for someone who does not care?"

Narcs thrive on supply/attention.

Control is their mothership, as they fear intimacy.

Primarily they vacillate between fear and anger.

Think, petty angry brooding sulking spoiled brat. Narc injury.

Thus, ignoring a petty spoiled fearful control freak naturally is going to evoke fear and rage.

Rage that you have the control; your power back.

Fear that they may be losing something of value.

Upgraded Private Chat Room for Real-Time Support from Narcissistic Abuse

Check out our new Private Chat Room, which allows you to talk real-time with other subscribing members of The Path Forward and our Moderators! We’ve had a Chat Room feature for the past couple years. However, members have understandably not been fond of it because it did not show you who else was in the Chat Room when you were on-line.

As a result of new technology, and your continued interest in having this feature, we have upgraded our website to accommodate an improved Private Chat Room. Our new Chat Room will show you who is on-line when you are and will be faster and more user-friendly overall. We hope you will agree, of course, and welcome all feedback.

How Pathological Narcissism Led to the Rise & Fall of Anthony Weiner

Yes, pun intended ;) but in all seriousness, several people in the media have been labeling Weiner a pathological narcissist lately and I’ve been asked if I agree. To be honest, it’s hard not to agree.

Let’s first acknowledge that everyone is narcissistic. It is part of the human condition. Narcissism is a phase each one of us goes through between infancy and toddlerhood. Those of us who receive a healthy balance of love and affection successfully evolve out of the narcissistic stage and learn to develop compassion and empathy for others. Healthy well-adjusted children learn that other people have feelings, and that mother and the rest of the world, by extension, DO NOT exist to cater to our needs.

Why is it so Difficult to Stay Away from the Narcissist?

Many of us don’t understand why it's so hard to stay away from the Narcissist even after we learn how toxic they are to us. Aside from their obvious charm, it's important to recognize how the Narcissist brainwashes us. I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true. Narcissists literally brainwash us. They know exactly how to keep us coming back with the lure, the promise and the hook. Understanding how they do this is helpful to your recovery.

Digging out the root...the real beginning

When I first discover that the root issues, the real reason I’m feeling so lost and bereft, so wounded and abandoned have nothing to do with The Destroyer, it’s a bit liberating. I had given him so much power in my life for so very long.

I’m still confused, though. He’d just given me the silent treatment for 12 days and I did not chase. That is new for me. I’d been reading The Path Forward forum for months, so not chasing, calling, texting, begging, apologizing, changes the script. I think I am finally done. So when he texts to plead to meet for dinner and talk, I am surprised. And override my screaming gut and say yes. I feel a twinge of guilt and stupidity, mixed with weakness and doubt.

Progress...will I ever heal? Guest blog by Done Sourcing

Progress along the path isn’t linear, as Journey says. And sometimes it’s frustrating that after months have passed, recovery isn’t yet complete. It’s a different timeline for everyone, but milestones reveal themselves along that way. Longtime member Done Sourcing recently shared his experience with a member who was questioning the timeline at the 16 month mark. The honesty, accuracy, inspiration and most importantly insight is so valuable I’m compelled to share it as a blog. Thank you DS for your honesty and for helping others on the path.


Guest Blog by Janie 53 ~ I Am an Ordinary Middle Aged Woman ~ The Other Woman

~ I Am an Ordinary Middle Aged Woman ~ The Other Woman
Posted June 5, 2013 - 11:43am
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~ I Am an Ordinary Middle Aged Woman ~
The Other Woman

I have dark brown hair with auburn highlights that I add to disguise both the inevitable and uninvited gray. My eyes are brown with a few specks of green. They are outlined with crows feet and small wrinkles; a result of too much sun and a lot of life. I have a very small gap between my front teeth. My days of going without a bra are long gone. I lost that battle to nursing my babies and the laws of gravity. I'm somewhat athletic and have been told I have nice legs. (At least I used to) I think I'm an ordinary middle aged woman.

Lessons from nature...Predator and prey

“...Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve....”
--Erich Fromm

I’m sitting on my deck watching my newly grouped up ducks peck around the yard. The big, white pekins are gentle; creatures of habit and routine. They listen to my commands, mostly because I’m in charge of the food, but they are perfectly fine on their own, and don’t like to be handled. That’s okay. They are ducks. They are meant to peck around, swim, preen, sleep, and peck around, swim, preen and sleep some more. This is their life. They are happy—that is if ducks can be “happy.” Content, may be the better word. They have their life, they know who they are.



1. a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.: the rules of chess.

We all must follow "RULES"

This forum has rules..

The Government has "LAWS"

We all know what happens if we don't perform at the office !

Even a child's board game has rules!!


We as individuals must set our own life "RULES" here we call them boundries!!
When rules are broken consequences are suffered!!

On This forum we block members who refuse to follow our guidelines, we remove the bad apples!

Something as small as driving thru a red llight, results in a court date and an expensive bill for the violation !

Board games result in an loss and a hurt ego!!

Why is UNDERSTANDING it, often, so difficult?

Why is UNDERSTANDING it, often, so difficult?

Step One: Understanding it (them)

When in a relationship with a PD, trying to figure it out and get to, just WHAT is going on with them, with yourself, and the relationship is often just one big bundle of confusion and pain.

We try to talk it out with them and that doesn't seem to get us anywhere.

We may ask others if they can make any sense of it, many simply say: if you are not happy or he is treating you badly, then just get out of it. Stop seeing him, move on, be done with it, he is not worth it, you deserve better, there are so many other guys out there who may really love you and be good to you.

Sounds good, YET, you may still FEEL or THINK, that there must be some answers, solutions, CURES.